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2023 interior trends to bring to your bedroom

Our bedrooms are a sanctuary, a precious space where we relax and take care of ourselves. To create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing haven, discover five top interior trends destined to be staples of bedroom design in the coming months.

1. Wooden accents

Rustic décor is a simple yet classic style choice for bedrooms. Much loved by interior enthusiasts, Pinterest searches for ‘rustic bedroom’ have risen by 203% since December 2022.

Wooden accents in the bedroom are wonderfully elegant and inviting, and it doesn’t get any more luxurious than rustic weathered oak. With a gentle neutrality that’s all its own, weathered oak is the perfect choice for unassuming sophistication. Whether you fall in love with a beautiful weathered oak bed or an utterly stylish bedside, wooden accents add refinement to any rustic bedroom.

Around the home, weathered oak can breathe life into any corner. With soft sweeping lines and intricately carved details, the Loire Console Table brings French-inspired beauty to your home. Sitting pretty in hallways, studies or dressing rooms, Loire’s unique weathered oak grain strikes the perfect balance between dimension and neutrality.

2. Farmhouse style

The farmhouse aesthetic encompasses all the rustic homeliness of the classic wooden style and brings it to life. Worldwide Pinterest searches for ‘farmhouse décor’ have risen by 63% over the past three months, indicating the growing popularity of the style.

The rise in interest has been attributed to the blend of a rustic style and contemporary beauty that farmhouses offer. To incorporate this style into your home, start with soft and light tones, be it in your curtains, a rug or carpet, or bedding, and compliment them with darker, wooden tones throughout your furniture.

3. Rattan

Interest in intricately woven rattan has been steadily growing in recent months, with searches for ‘rattan furniture’ rising by 316%. Whether it’s a side table, bed or wardrobe, rattan offers a natural texture that can elevate your space. Warm and toasty in its tone, rattan evokes a sense of comfort that makes it a popular option for many homes.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to bring this trend to your home no matter what style speaks to your soul. From the antique aged effect of the Vintage Rattan Bed to the soft neutral Sienna Rattan Bench, it’s time to add a touch of texture.

4. Accent wall

Splashes of colour, a beautifully stencilled design, and ornate wall panelling – indulging with an accent wall in your bedroom has enduring appeal. Interest in accent walls has risen by 69% over the last three months on Pinterest, in fact.

Accent walls allow you to express your truest style without committing to a full transformation. Wonderful innovations in this trend include almost infinite configurations of wall panelling, mouldings, and cladding to suit any number of interior styles.

Why not take the opportunity to add built-in bedside conveniences? Mood lighting or useful USB ports add a touch of opulence to your bedtime routine, without the worry of unsightly wires. Once the panelling has taken shape, drench it in irresistibly cosy vanilla tones to add dimension and warmth.

5. 1970s style

Irresistibly toasty tones, rich layers of texture and signature shaping – yes, dear reader, the 1970s are back. This retro trend’s meteoric rise is incredibly exciting for interiors. In fact, 1970s-bedroom-related terms have risen by 78% according to Pinterest Trends.

Succulent earth tones are an incredibly important element of this trend, particularly when placed alongside coloured patterns and textures. Muted oranges, rich greens and warm browns evoke instant nostalgia and pair beautifully with tactile wooden accents such as rattan or shiplap. Combine these cosy elements with fringed curtains, cushions or lampshades, and weave in touches of gold for unbridled 70s flair.

With a rich warm finish, the Wooster Bed makes an exquisite foundation for quintessential 70s layering. Its elegant shaping and luxurious velvet finish pair with dark wooden accents creates depth and dimension in any boudoir.

Reimagining a 1970s classic – iconic avocado green – is the Charlotte Bed. With welcoming curves in its signature winged head and footboard, plus opulent olive tones, the Charlotte refines the retro trend with high quality details.

Looking to create your own 70s sanctuary? Bring elevated retro to your home with our new 1970s style guide.

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