Super King Size Wooden Beds

The generous width of our wooden super king beds provides a luxurious sleeping space and are perfect for those who like to stretch out as they sleep. Our collection of super king wooden beds frames includes a range of styles to suit both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

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How big is a super king size wooden bed?

A wooden super king bed is 6 foot by 6 foot 6 inches which is the same as 180cm x 200cm. A super king size wooden bed frame is equal in length to a king bed but wider by 30cm. It’s also worth noting that with headboards and foot ends, these dimensions can make it slightly bigger, so make sure your room can accommodate for that. A wooden super king size bed offers a superbly generous sleeping surface.

Are super king wooden bed frames strong?

A wooden super king bed is extremely strong, making it both durable and reliable. Our super king wooden bed frames are robust and built to last. The very nature of wood as a natural material means that our wooden beds are solid and made with quality wood that’s sustainably sourced.

What are the benefits of a super king wooden bed frame?

A wooden super king bed is timeless and will suit both contemporary and classic interiors. We believe a wooden bed helps bring a bit of nature from outdoors indoors. A super king wooden bed will add warmth to your bedroom, and with our sophisticated style details such as a linen upholstered headboard, rattan panelling, painted finishes, or a slatted or cut out design, the benefits of our beautiful super king wooden bed frames are charming, welcoming and altogether pleasing.

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