How to Choose a Pillow

Is there anything as wonderful as kicking your shoes off after a long day, getting the kettle on and laying your head down on the perfect pillow?

Firm, soft, large, small, we’ve all got our own preferences when it comes to picking a pillow, and that’s not even taking into account fillings and material. So, where do you start when choosing the right pillow? Here we discuss the wonderful world of pillows and how to choose a pillow that's perfect for you.

Sleeping Position

This is without doubt, the best part of the process! Take a few nights to get an idea of how you like to sleep, whether it’s on your back, on your side or on your front. Keep a little notebook next to your bed to write down how you like to lie when you’re drifting off to sleep and importantly, what position you’re in when you wake up.

Knowing your preferred sleeping position is the most important factor when choosing the right pillow as this can make all the difference to how high or low your pillow should be to maximise your comfort.

Remember, the aim of your pillow (along with your mattress) is to keep your spine in total alignment so that no unnecessary strain or pressure is put on your neck, shoulders or hips.

Sleeping on your back:

Pick a medium depth pillow. These pillows hit that precise spot between stopping your head from sinking too far back and pushing your head too far out.

Sleeping on your side:

Pick a high, firm pillow. When you sleep on your side, your neck will need the maximum support, with your head supported and aligned.

 Sleeping on your front:

Pick a soft pillow. Those who sleep on their stomach need to maintain their neck to spine position.

If you find that you can’t pin down a single sleeping position, don’t worry – your best choice is to aim for the happy medium. Go for a pillow of medium depth which should perfectly support you, no matter how you like to drift off.


Pillow Filling

Once you’ve decided on a pillow that matches your sleeping position, the next step is to look at what actually goes into the pillow.

Feather and down fillings are considered extremely comfortable due to their natural qualities – feathers are heavier and more robust making them a great filler, and down offers superior insulating qualities and is extremely lightweight. These natural fillings are regarded as the most luxurious filling for your pillow and are normally derived from ducks and geese.

An alternative for many is synthetic filling. These pillow fillings are perfect for allergy sufferers and made from a variety of different artificial materials such as latex and polyester fibres. Our anti-allergy pillow, as its name suggests, is best for those who suffer from feather or dust allergies, and our latex pillow offers firmer support for back and side sleepers and always keeps its shape.


At Feather & Black, we’re proud to offer a varied collection of pillows which range from luxurious Hungarian Goose Down through to anti-allergy options. Discover our full range of pillows and read our handy Bedding Guide, designed to help you choose the perfect pillow and duvet.

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