What's the difference between Ottoman and Divan Beds?

Whether you’re wanting to maximise the space in your bedroom or looking to introduce hidden storage, Divan and Ottoman Beds tick all the boxes; it just depends on what kind of storage you need and the style of your bedroom.

The storage options that both types of bed provide are generous and practical, whether it’s used to store bed linen, extra duvets and pillows or your winter/summer wardrobe, but a common question often asked is; what is the difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed?

What is a Divan bed?

Benefits of a Divan Bed

•   No headboard making them good for loft rooms or sloping ceilings
•   Can include underbed storage drawers in several configurations
•   Compact base size

A divan bed base is crafted from a wooden structure, covered in a layer of soft wadding and then upholstered in fabric. The base is made to the same measurements as a mattress, making them more compact than standard bed frames and creating a beautifully clean and minimalist aesthetic.

A divan’s main benefit, of course, is the practical, generous and versatile storage drawers which, very helpfully, come in a variety of configurations.

Standard drawer options you are likely to find are as follows:



2 Standard Drawers

2 Standard & 2 Continental Drawers

4 Standard Drawers


So, you can choose your drawer configuration based on the amount of storage you need and the available access around the bed.

You'll often also have the choice of either a platform or sprung top, meaning you can choose your preferred level of firmness, so your comfort is guaranteed.


Platform Top
For a firmer feel

Sprung Top
For extra comfort


There’s a lot to love about a divan bed, besides the handy extra drawer-based storage. They’re a great choice for creating a contemporary feel to a bedroom, offering that wonderful simplicity that works so well in minimalist interiors.

What is an Ottoman?

Benefits of an Ottoman Bed

•   A choice of headboard designs
•   Piston assisted lift and close mechanism
•   Large storage space divided into two compartments

The name comes from furniture designed in the historical Ottoman Empire, which was known to act as both furniture and storage space. But you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that divan and ottoman beds were quite similar in their underbed storage offering, but the difference lies in their operating mechanism and storage space.

Each of our ottoman storage beds use a piston assisted lift and close mechanism to reveal the generous storage space underneath which is divided lengthways into two compartments.

So unlike divan beds, ottoman beds use the entire bed base as storage space, rather than separating it into drawers. Whether you need a home for your burgeoning shoe collection, an accessible space for bulky suitcases or somewhere to store anything from bedding to Christmas decorations, the ottoman is a great choice for storing larger items.

Divan beds and ottoman beds both offer practical underbed storage solutions; the difference lies in whether you want a headboard, how much storage you need and how you access that storage.


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