In the Making: Luxury Mattresses

Last week, we caught up with our luxury mattress provider and went behind the scenes to see how they manufacture their sumptuously soft mattresses. Harrison Spinks produce all our luxury pocket sprung mattresses, including The London Collection. They have been making luxury mattresses since 1840 and supplying Feather & Black for 16 years.

  • How are these products made?

Some of the fillings that go into the mattresses start their life on a farm, located just 18 miles from their factory in North Yorkshire. Did you know that we work with the only bed manufacturer in the world to have their own farm, where they rear sheep for their wool and grow crops such as hemp and flax for the fillings?

It’s here at the farm where the hemp is turned into a soft material that can be used within the mattress filling. Then, the luxury pocket springs are made in the factory in Leeds with British steel used to stretch into thin wire that is used to make springs. These mattress spring counts are some of the highest currently available on the market, with The Grosvenor from The London Collection having 30,000 individual pocket springs within the mattress.

The springs are then layered upon the core of the mattress, the border is added and they’re hand side stitched for support. All the natural fillings are then laid on top of the springs before a top fabric layer is applied and the mattress is compressed, so tufts can be pushed through by hand. The final process joins the border to the top and bottom fabric layer. This is a highly skilled job and is one that takes our sewing experts years to master!

Finally, the mattresses are checked by the quality control team to ensure they have been made to the company’s high standards before sending them out for delivery.

  • What types of machinery do you use?

It takes various machines to help produce the components that go into the mattresses. This includes machines to clean to raw materials, machines to produce the natural filling pads, machines to draw the wire and machines to make the pocket springs. Harrison Spinks also have their very own laboratory. It is here that they undergo experiments to help test beds, develop new products and ensure the quality is the highest possible. 

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July 10th 2017

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