Our Pick: Pink Accessories

If you thought the colour pink was simply ‘having a moment’ and would soon go out of style, think again. Pink, and more specifically millennial pink – that soft, blushing, toned-down version of Barbie pink – is here to stay. The good news is it looks rather dashing in the bedroom, especially when paired with darker tones. Here’s an edit of some of our favourite accessories… Beehive Throw Velvet Throw in Blush Pink Luxury Mohair Throw in Silver


September 18th 2017


My Perfect Bedtime

Our latest #myperfectbedtime installment comes from our Marketing Manager, Klara Dublin. F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Klara: Getting in to bed with freshly laundered linen and not having to set the alarm for the next day always make bedtime much more enjoyable. My perfect routine would also include not being woken up by the baby monitor, but my daughter doesn’t seem to have got that memo! What’s your perfect bedtime read? I wish I could say it’s a high brow novel, but I’m more likely to be catching up on Facebook or browsing the latest interior trends on Pinterest....


September 15th 2017


How to…Do Effortless Style the Parisian Way

‘Effortless style’ – it’s a phrase that’s long been synonymous with Parisians. And while we might struggle to achieve that nonchalant just-got-out-of-bed-but-still-chic look, we can certainly inject some je ne sais quoi into our bedrooms. Colour It In Unlike their Scandinavian counterparts, Parisians aren’t afraid of a little colour and love to mix and match for an eclectic look. But be warned: too much mixing can make a bedroom look busy and disorganised. Instead, use white as a base for your walls and your linen then ‘layer’ accents of colours on top. A Unique Find Parisians are always on the...


September 11th 2017


Top 3…Parisian Style Bloggers

This month we’re having a love affair with all things Parisian. Here’s our pick of the best interior style bloggers from the City of Lights. The Socialite Family Founded by French journalist Constance Gennari, this chic interiors blog has a distinct USP – its sole focus is on ‘smart and cool families’. Spotlighting homes all over the world – but with a particular emphasis on Paris – this is contemporary family living at its most aspirational. www.thesocialitefamily.com Frenchy Fancy The philosophy behind this sleek and engaging style blog? Whatever takes your fancy! Written by Celine, a Parisian interior designer, the...


September 8th 2017