TEMPUR® - A Mattress Like No Other

Whatever your opinion is of memory foam mattresses, they hold an undeniably strong position in the mattress industry, with TEMPUR® mattresses firmly at the forefront of the movement.

TEMPUR®’s dream was to “create a mattress like no other”, and as grand as that might sound, that’s exactly what they’ve done and what has established their position in the market for over three decades.

Let us take you on a journey of discover and reveal a little of the TEMPUR® story.


Tempur® origins, where it all started

Back in the 1970s, NASA scientists developed temperature sensitive material to absorb the pressure astronauts experienced during lift-off. TEMPUR® were inspired by this technology and since then have spent decades perfecting their unique temperature sensitive TEMPUR® Material which actively adapts to your weight, warmth, and movement regardless of your sleeping position. Impressively, TEMPUR® Material is certified by NASA and the Space Foundation and is indeed the only material to be recognised in this way. Bravo!


A mattress that understands your body

The viscoelastic cell structure of the TEMPUR® Material used in their mattresses means that, regardless of your sleeping position, it will redistribute your weight, adapt to your body temperature, and relieve pressure, leading to a much more comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The other major benefit is its ability to absorb motion and support each person independently, meaning you can move around to your hearts content without disturbing your partner.

The TEMPUR® CoolTouch™ mattresses are a delight and are described by feel, and these feels relate to a specific level of firmness from soft through to very firm. And to throw some extra benefits into the mix, these mattresses:

  • don’t need to be turned
  • have a QuickRefresh™ cover so it’s easy to pop in the wash
  • and have a CoolTouch™ Cover that is, as the name suggests, cool to the touch

And to keep your mattress in tip-top condition, the TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector has been specially developed for TEMPUR® mattresses to help keep them clean, dry and fresh. We’ve got all bases covered.


Tempur® CoolTouch™ Pillows

If your fully paid up member of the memory foam fan club, then you’ll love the range of TEMPUR® pillows.  From a specially contoured Queen Pillow, perfect for those who suffer from back or neck pain and that supports the natural curvature of your head, neck and shoulders, through to CoolTouch™ Pillows in various feels, these are pillows of dreams that adapt and conform to your unique shape, weight and sleeping position. It’s pillow perfection. Just saying.



We always recommend taking a mattress for a test lie down, where possible, and if memory foam is a new journey of discovery for you, then this process is even more worthwhile; but we do offer the 100 night mattress trial on all TEMPUR® Mattresses for your peace of mind.

What we can say is that TEMPUR® have created a unique sleeping experience with material that contours to your body for a supremely comfortable and supported night’s sleep. We’re firm fans of TEMPUR® and we fully support their mission to seek innovative ways to improve sleep.


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