Top 3…Parisian Style Bloggers

This month we’re having a love affair with all things Parisian. Here’s our pick of the best interior style bloggers from the City of Lights. The Socialite Family Founded by French journalist Constance Gennari, this chic interiors blog has a distinct USP – its sole focus is on ‘smart and cool families’. Spotlighting homes all over the world – but with a particular emphasis on Paris – this is contemporary family living at its most aspirational. Frenchy Fancy The philosophy behind this sleek and engaging style blog? Whatever takes your fancy! Written by Celine, a Parisian interior designer, the...


September 8th 2017


Top 3: Bedroom Colours for Summer

Bring the summer inside with the help of our favourite seasonal shades. We’re thinking about cool breezes, warm evenings and low sunsets – but how can we incorporate that into our interiors? #1 Florida Pink An intense shade of pink to help absorb the levels of natural light. It’s warm, cheery and give your bedroom a sense of vintage appeal. We love it’s calming tones too. Take a closer look at Florida Pink . #2 Lemon Not for the fainthearted, this is an acidic type of yellow. It’s bright, albeit slightly exotic, and you’re probably going to find this on...


July 31st 2017


Top 3: Children’s books for Summer

Is your child a keen reader? We’ve collected a list of our top 3 children’s books for summer – perfect for them to start reading during their 6-week summer break. If they’re a fan of Doctor Who and are familiar with Mr. Men, they’ll enjoy reading Dr Twelfth . Daleks are dodged and Cybermen are evaded in this book, which fuses together two well-known British institutions during an adventure through time and space! Aimed at children between 9-11-years-old, Thunderstruck tells the story of two children who survive being hit by lightning to gain the ability to see ghosts and go...


June 30th 2017


Top 3: Summer Sale Best Buys

We’ve profiled our top 3 Summer Sale favourites – let us know if you agree with our choices in the comments or join the conversation on Twitter… #1 Henley Nickel Bed The star of our Summer Sale brochure rightly takes its place at the top of our list. A traditional metal bed with impressive finials for subtle grandeur. From £425 #2 Sienna Bed Following just behind is our gorgeous wooden bed, Sienna. French sophistication at its finest, with luxe upholstery and classic cabriole leg styling. From £795 #3 Beehive Throw New for summer, our blush pink Beehive Throw is a...


June 19th 2017


Top 3: Innovative Bedroom Ideas

For those wanting something very cool and unique for their bedroom, these ingenious home improvements will give you some inspiration on how to style your dream home. We’ll start with suspended beds, which is an interesting concept that also allows you to save on space. The mattress is placed onto a platform suspended onto the ceiling, with small stairs next to the bed. As we continue to become a generation searching for ways to improve small spaces, like inner city apartments, this may well be an innovative idea which soon catches on. Cabinets are in the process of being revolutionised...


May 30th 2017


Top 3: Ways to get the most out of a nap

Napping isn’t for everybody but if you’re feeling like you didn’t get as many hours of sleep as you wanted to last night, or you just feel more tired than usual, a short nap could just do the trick. While having a nap sounds very simple, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you do it the right way by following our top 3 tips below. Stick to 20 minutes Any longer means that you could wake up feeling worse than you did before. Generally speaking, between 2pm-3pm is best if you want to...


May 9th 2017


Top 3: Colours most conducive for sleep

Yes, that’s right, the colour of your bedroom walls may help you sleep better. Not only does a quality pillow and super soft linen help you drift off at night but there’s a strong idea that your interior colour scheme can have an effect on your quality of sleep. We’ve done the necessary reading and placed the following colours as favourable for relaxation and rest periods. Blue People whose rooms are painted blue tend to sleep longer than those who get their shut-eye in rooms with different colours. The colour blue is associated with feelings of calm which help your...


April 28th 2017


Top 3: Ideal Home Show highlights

Having visited the Ideal Home Show 2017 last week, we’ve put together our top 3 show highlights, which we just can’t keep to ourselves any longer! Read on and let us know if you agree... George Clarke’s Rotating Home We couldn’t possibly imagine anything else at number one. An incredible design, this rotating home is encased within a 3.5 tonne, 4.3 metre tall aluminium drum. It is essentially four rooms in one space that literally turns on its head. Amazing! With a minimal design – its only static room is the bathroom, which comes with a toilet and bath. A...


April 10th 2017


Top 3: Ways to stop snoring

Snoring occurs when the airway tissue at the back of your throat, mouth and nose vibrates as we inhale and exhale. It’s twice as common in men compared to women and it’s also thought to increase with age. But did you know that snoring is often linked to your lifestyle choices? There are some very straightforward changes you can make if you think that they may help you stop snoring. Our top 3 tips could be very welcome for any long-suffering partners too: Sleeping Position Sleeping on your side is often known to help avoid snoring problems. This is because...


March 10th 2017


Top 3: Bedroom views to wake up to

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have an amazing bedroom view to wake up to every morning? What would you go for; bright and sunny, cold and mountainous or green and woodland? This got us thinking at F&B head office and we’ve ranked our top 3 bedroom views after scouring the web for some Monday morning inspiration. Warning – this post will definitely have you dreaming about your next holiday… Beautiful Beach As it’s so cold at the moment, we’ve ranked a beachside setting as number 1 because we think it’s what we’re all longing for this winter. The sun is...


February 20th 2017


Top 3: Winter Warmers

Use comfortable throws, plump cushions and warm rugs to ensure your bedroom represents the ultimate cosy atmosphere this winter. Check our top three picks to layer up your bedroom this season and let us know if you decide to invest while it’s still so chilly outside. Grey Faux Fur Cushion A luxurious and soft faux fur cushion with velvet backing in gentle grey, bringing a sumptuous decorative touch to your living area or bedroom. The must-have winter staple. Velvet Throw Our luxury velvet throws will bring both style and warmth to your bedroom. Made in the finest 100% cotton velvet...


February 13th 2017


Top 3: Floor Crafts

Your bedroom’s floor space is often forgotten about during style updates, so to help you decide which style would suit your interior best, we’ve ranked our favourite rugs – the perfect addition to help create a more homely feel. Herman Plush Pile Rug Handwoven in rich wool, the Herman Rug brings a fresh twist on a traditional design. This gorgeous indigo printed rug is the ideal solution if you want to brighten up a tired room. Was £350 Now £280 Sheepskin Rug A close second place goes to our 100% Sheepskin Rugs – available in 4 colours. With the most...


February 3rd 2017


Top 3: New Bedroom Additions

Think your bedroom needs a new addition? We’ve ranked our top 3 picks that will give your interior the lift that you may have been looking for this Winter. Seine 4 Drawer Chest This sleek and stunning 4-drawer chest has sweeping curves and vintage drop handles. Perfect for a vintage bedroom feel. Was £3,399 Now £2,199 Chicago End of Bed Stainless Steel Trunk Inspired by luxury steamer trunks, our Chicago End of Bed Trunk’s regal design will make a luxury statement piece in any home. Was £1,199 Now £575 Sienna Grey Wardrobe This elegant large wardrobe offers plenty of hanging...


January 16th 2017


Top 3: Lighting tips for your bedroom

Make sure you achieve the most restful and functional lighting combination in your bedroom with the help of some of our best practice tips. Keep Height In Mind Always consider scale. Your bedroom would typically be 8 or 9 feet tall, so avoid lighting fixtures with long bodies and instead opt for shorter fixtures. These are ideal for both reading and provide enough light for good visibility. Set The Mood Ambience is key, but setting the right one can be difficult. Install light dimmers for good effect or coloured bulbs can also dramatically alter a bedroom’s mood too. Technology Gadgets...


December 19th 2016


Top 3: Sleep tips for the party season

As the peak of the party season approaches, it’s great to have a busy social life but, as a result your sleep patterns suffer. This can take its toll and so we’ve prepared a useful checklist to help you through a tiring month. Create a restful sleeping environment – neither too hot, nor too cold; and as quiet and dark as possible. Keep the Christmas decorations to the other parts of your home! Don’t end up compensating for lack of sleep by going too heavy on caffeine – especially in the evening. They interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep...


December 9th 2016


Top 3: Drinks to have before bedtime

What’s your bedtime drink of choice? Most of us have a sip of something just before we head to bed to help us get a better night’s sleep. We’ve ranked our top 3 drinks to have before you go to bed below, so read on to find out which bedtime beverage you should be drinking. Milk Milk has sleep-inducing properties (if you’re not lactose intolerant) and drinking milk 90 minutes ahead of bedtime may help you unwind and fall asleep faster. Warm milk seems to make us calm and drowsy, while it also helps raise your internal body temperature, which...


October 21st 2016


Top 3: Bedroom style tips this Autumn

Take your cue from Autumn’s changing leaves and decorate your bedroom with a new bedroom style. We’ve chosen our 3 favourite styles or ideas from around the web to help you give your interior the new look it deserves. Fill jars with seasonal items For simple and inexpensive display items, fill jars with typically autumnal things, such as leaves or candles. This finishing touch will give your home a lovely, subtle seasonal theme. Display artwork that depicts Autumn’s colours Artwork can change the mood in your home instantly. Consider nature themes with Autumn shades such as oranges, rusts, and golden...


October 10th 2016


Top 3: TV series to watch on a lazy Sunday

We’ve all been there. Sunday morning after a busy week, and you just want to curl up and binge watch a new series from start to finish. Which series should you invest your time in? Read our top 3 picks: • Stranger Things When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back. This mysterious drama is definitely worth a watch if you don’t mind a few scary scenes which will have you on the edge of your seat. • This is Us A group of people...


September 30th 2016


Top 3: Kids books to read before bedtime

We’ve taken some time to collect some of the web’s most highly-rated and favourite childrens’ books, which will hopefully help your little one drift off into a good night’s sleep. Let us know on social if you’ve read any of these bedtime books with your child. Goodnight everyone by Chris Haughton Age: 3-6 years’ old Award-winning author Chris Haughton captures the soothing time as the sun goes down and all the animals begin to fall into a deep sleep; all except Little Bear – who is wide awake despite the yawning of all those around him. Before I wake up...


September 9th 2016


Top 3: Upholstered Fabric Choices

Whittling down your favourite of our house fabrics can be a tough decision; we have 40 to choose from and you want to make the right choice. Do you just choose your favourite colours? Or do you opt for selecting a colour which suits your current bedroom style? We’ve picked our most popular house fabrics to help you along the way… Grey For the most sophisticated of bedroom looks, try grey fabric with white walls. An uncluttered grey bedroom can provide you with the perfect monochrome look. Pair grey with pops of colour, such as cushions or throws, if you’re...


July 29th 2016


Top 3: Foods before bedtime

When our weary heads hit the pillow late at night, sometimes no matter how tired we think we are, we occasionally struggle to fall asleep. As we all know, sleep is vitally important for a healthy lifestyle and so below are a quick list of the good guys when it comes to helping you nod off. Cherries Cherries are one of the few natural foods to contain melatonin, the chemical that helps control our body’s internal clock. Previous studies have also revealed that cheery juice can also be effective in improving sleep duration. Jasmine Rice This type of rice is...


July 8th 2016


Top 3: Storage Solutions

We all like our home to look nice and tidy all the time, but the problem is we often just don't have enough storage to play with. However, we think Pinterest is a useful tool which can help turn your interior into a well-organised, ship-shape haven . Make use of your stairs Try turning your stairs into well-sized, pull-out drawers to help fix your storage woes. The room underneath your stairs are what some call ‘dead space’ – so make sure you fully take advantage. Baskets Baskets are nice little additions which can be dotted around the home to keep...


June 17th 2016


Top 3: Sleep Beauty Routines

Did you know that your body repairs itself while you’re tucked up in bed at night? So make sure you’re giving yourself a helping hand when it comes to sleep beauty, because your slumber hours play a vital role in how you look. Suitable night time habits will improve your chances of having a healthier day-to-day appearance: Moisturise your skin When it comes to body repair, a good moisturiser will make sure it replaces the lost water in your skin. Double up on pillows Using two pillows means fluids won’t build up under your eyes or around your face. Try...


May 27th 2016


Top 3: Books to read before bedtime

Don’t turn off the light straight away as reading before going to sleep can enhance your quality of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a regular reading slot can help prepare your body for sleep and also aid your mind separate your ‘sleep time’ from the stresses and worries of daily living. With this in mind, we’ve ranked our top 3 bedtime reads. 1. The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson To mark the 20 th anniversary of Bryson’s classic Notes from a Small Island, he makes a brand-new journey around Britain to see what has changed in...


May 6th 2016


Top 3: Sleep Apps

Sleep is so important for our health, general well-being and getting the most out of your day ahead. But how can you best track your sleep? Sometimes the brain can play tricks on us and we can wake up still feeling tired despite having slept for a number of hours. Have you tried monitoring your sleep patterns before? We’ve reviewed our favourite sleep apps, so give one a try and see how you measure up: SleepBot Sleepbot has three major features: a motion-tracker, a sound-recorder and a smart alarm. Its sound recording feature will detect talking, snoring or any bumps...


April 15th 2016


Top 3: Ways to know if you need a new mattress

March is National Bed Month and so what better time to talk about the health and general well-being of your mattress. If we really do spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, then we think it’s very important that your mattress provides the comfort and support which you need. Here are the top 3 signs which mean your mattress needs replacing: If you notice your mattress is becoming lumpy or squeaks when you sit on it, it’s definitely time for a new one. You’re supposed to feel refreshed when you get up in the mornings, but if you’re feeling tired or...


March 28th 2016


Top 3: Fictional bedrooms to stay the night

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and fictional characters are no different. A character’s bedroom is a reflection on their personality, helping to add some form of realism to their on-screen character. Some bedrooms are more iconic than others though, and here are our Top 3 bedrooms which we’d love to spend the night: Scarlett’s bedroom; Gone with the Wind The beautiful wall carvings of Scarlett’s interior make this bedroom a luxury setting. Large, dusty pink sweeping drapes and a matching upholstered bed had us dreaming about an interior fit for a princess. The Great Gatsby; Jay Gatsby’s bedroom A very...


March 11th 2016