Get the trend: Decorex

The Feather and Black team have been busy this week exhibiting at Decorex London. The inspirational show is part of the London Design Festival and is the place to find the leading luxury suppliers to the interior design industry. It is also the place where we see new trends emerging, kind of like Fashion Week for the Interiors business. We managed to take some time away from our busy stand to gain some inspiration and do a bit of trendspotting. In case you didn’t manage to go along yourself, here are our top six Decorex trend highlights: The simple unassuming...


September 22nd 2017


Get the Trend…Parisian Romance

Call us hopeless romantics, but when we think of Parisian apartments we can’t help but go weak at the knees. Master this season’s feminine yet chic interior trend with our simple guide… Uncomplicated colour To create that kind of effortless style Parisians are famous for, choose a simple and relaxed colour scheme of white, grey and blush pink. With white creating a much-needed sense of calm in the bedroom, accents of pink and grey work beautifully on top, bringing warmth, sophistication...and just a touch of whimsy fun. Delightful juxtapositions Paris is famous for its flea markets and antiques, and when...


August 29th 2017


Get the Trend: Luxe

Style your bedroom to its maximum with the luxe bedroom trend – here, we’re thinking about elegant accessories , soft linens and layered textures that will help you create a bedroom which you won’t want to leave. Fur accents Nothing says luxe quite like fur – fill your bedroom with soft furs – like a sheepskin rug or two – for an instant hit of glamour. Chic and full of rustic charm, a fur is an accessory your luxe bedroom should never be without. Scatter your cushions If you don’t want to experiment with colour or patterning, cushions are where...


August 4th 2017


Get the Trend: Gustavian

Gustavian elegance traces back to the 1780s, when it was the style of decor used in the Swedish royal palaces. It was brought to Sweden by King Gustav III following a visit to the Palace of Versailles, where he was so impressed by what he saw that, upon returning home, he decided to create his own “Paris of the North”. The style is best characterised by pale roomsets, accessorised with large mirrors and lighting – most likely to be a glamourous chandelier. Since King Gustav III’s death in 1792, the king has become synonymous with a style of furniture that...


July 14th 2017


Get The Trend: Global Nomad

Global Nomad is a trend which promises to inject colour, character and a sense of travel into your bedroom look. Simply put, Global Nomad features a variety of rich textures and is easily added to your interior. For example, accessories with patterning on them – like our Yasmin Embroidered Cushions – are perfect for the Global Nomad look because they have a Moroccan feel to them. Also, in terms of furniture, our Trunks range are ideal as they have clear American undertones. Choose our Houston Chest for a throwback from the past, capturing both artisan appeal and timeless style. Ethnic...


June 23rd 2017


Get the Trend: Vintage

In short, the best vintage bedrooms should appear as though they have been assembled over time and should be formed by a number of old world accessories. If you’re starting to plan a vintage-themed bedroom, we’d recommended that you first pick a specific time period, or work from something which you already have and love. For example, an old fashioned throw or a bedside table with stunning gothic motifs may be your first port of call in terms of inspiration. Vintage allows you to break the rules a little too, because you can mix conflicting patterns with varying scales into...


May 2nd 2017


Get the Trend: Terracotta

You may expect terracotta only to be used for flooring or for roof tiling often seen in warmer climes, but this year we’re seeing a hot new trend arrive in our homes. Not only is terracotta noticed in its purest form – think orange and red hues – but it can also be found in pinks, greys and browns as well. An upturn in popularity has seen terracotta now firmly placed as one of 2017’s up-and-coming interior trends. Versatility is one of its key features with this ancient material being implemented in a variety of ways, including lamp shades, paintings,...


April 18th 2017


Get the Trend: Ideal Home Show 2017

Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, is something which is certainly represented on our Ideal Home Show display this year. The relaxing shade is the perfect choice if you want to revitalise and refresh your bedroom look this Spring. From bright limes to serene hazel hues, these colours can work throughout your home in various ways, whether it be a rug, throw or bedspread. This year’s big tropical interior theme fits in with ease by mixing a range of tropical-inspired prints in green and white. Also think about adding some well-placed house plants for an even bolder bedroom look. You...


March 24th 2017


Get the Trend: Escapism

Escapism’s been marked as a design trend to watch this year and it’s not hard to understand why. In an era of technological domination, people are seeking havens in the home where they can retreat from the digital world and all its distractions. Designers are focusing on spaces where television, smartphones, computers and tablets can’t get in. Instead, the focus is on calm, quiet and comfortable corners – be it a reading corner, a small nook in the home or a tech-free zone in your bedroom. It’s hard to imagine a space without any technology in your home today, so...


February 27th 2017


Get the Trend: Jewel Tones

This year, bedrooms are taking on new, rich colours and that is because of a resurgence in what’s becoming known as the jewel tone trend. Resembling the palettes of well-known gemstones such as emerald, ruby or sapphire, jewel tones have a high level of colour saturation, which makes them very distinctive. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that an interior stapled with jewel tones throughout may look overwhelming. Instead, focus on incorporating jewel tones in smaller ways such as a singular furniture piece or even a feature wall. Often, jewel tones are associated with a more luxe style of interior,...


January 30th 2017


Get the Trend: Lagom

A new year often brings a number of new things and it’s no different as far as bedroom trends go. Last year, Hygge dominated all of the trend-talk, but emerging in 2017 is a new Swedish way of thinking: Lagom. Lagom is a Scandinavian word which means “just the right amount” and is also widely-translated as in moderation or balanced. In short, Lagom is about making small changes which you think will make a big difference. It's time for you to let go of the things that have been making your home cluttered or untidy, and bring in things that...


January 20th 2017


Get the Trend: 2017 Bedrooms

Now that 2017 is here, we thought we’d talk about which main bedroom trends will define the year. Let’s start with the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017. A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Greenery is described as being a versatile, “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many colour combinations, including neutrals, brights and deeper shades. In many ways, Greenery also represents urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and the design choices which 2017 may bring around the world. You can read more about how we are embracing green on the Ideal Home Show website ....


January 13th 2017


Get the Trend: Grey Matters

Whether you’d like some grey walls or grey flooring (or both!), grey’s versatility means this colour is here to stay as one of AW’s most popular interior shades. Make sure you don’t just stop of grey though, otherwise your bedroom may look a little too dark and moody. Balance the trend with bright cushions, for example, to really make the look have stand-out effect. Or, for a Scandi feel, choose a grey with cooler blue tones in it, an icy touch that works with whites and pale woods. Plus, layering different grey tones will prevent the look feeling too ‘samey’....


November 14th 2016


Get the Trend: Green and Serene

For the ultimate in laid back living, a green bedroom style will promote a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room where you just want to relax. Hide away in winter, while cooling down in summer, green interiors look very well balanced. In terms of accent colours, think pops of yellow or darker blues and you won’t go far wrong. In terms of brightness, keep this to smaller hits as this will help prevent deep greens feeling too gloomy. Don’t forget to add some lovely wooden grains into this bedroom style as well. The texture of unfinished wooden furniture stands...


October 31st 2016


Get the Trend: White Edit

Trends can often define some of the minor details in the room, only adopt what you absolutely love when ushering in significant changes. One of our favourite trends at the moment is White Edit, including and Scandinavian-inspired décor, accessories and furniture pieces. A white bedroom feels very clean cut and pairing this look with light-coloured wooden furniture should bring out the best of your bedroom. Letting in some natural light is also a good idea here – this helps the white walls appear a little softer. White bedrooms give your interior a strong sense of tranquillity, but light greys and...


October 14th 2016


Get the Trend: The Future Past

One of interior design’s key trend shifts this year has been the notion of ‘future past’ – revisiting silhouettes, textures, fabrics and materials of old and incorporating them into our homes with a modern twist. So let us take you on a journey back in time with our Henrietta in Warwick Plush Teal velvet fabric, as seen on the front of our new Autumn brochure . Henrietta’s gently curved bed and deep buttoned headboard suggests an emphasis on heritage but also a re-focus in attention to detail. Using a blend of deep and warming colours, such as our Henrietta’s dark...


September 2nd 2016


Get the Trend: Monochrome

Black and white colour contrast is one of the best combinations when it comes to interior design. This versatile combination works well with other pops of brighter colour, plus this trend helps your bedroom express a new-age designer feel. However, this trend also has its pitfalls. Painting one of your walls exclusively black will mean that your room seems smaller than it actually is, so we’d only recommend dark walls if you’re lucky enough to have quite a large bedroom. If you’re keen on black though, we’d instead try a black rug against a neutral coloured floor space. Do you...


August 15th 2016


Get the Trend: Natural Materials

Take inspiration from rustic bedroom textures with a natural interior theme this Summer. We think bedrooms with natural materials add great character and warmth to your home. Our dedicated natural materials Pinterest board can help you get creative with your trend ideas. Do you think this trend would look good in your interior? Let us know in the comments, or on our social networks. See you soon, Feather & Black. Read more at


August 1st 2016


Get the Trend: Concrete

Not only does concrete appeal to our love of grey; the smooth finish gives objects a sleek industrial edge. Concrete is a trend that’s filtered down to the high street very quickly; see more inspiration on our Pinterest page. Let us know in the comments if you think concrete would look good in your bedroom. See you soon, Feather & Black.


July 4th 2016


Get the Trend: Botanicals

Give your bedroom an on-trend update with the addition of green-natured botanicals this summer. This year, botanic and aquatic themes are due to play a major style role, but this trend can be difficult to implement with good effect. If you’re stuck for ideas, try starting to experiment with bold wallpapering adorned with plant-related artwork. Or, for a lighter take, try looking for the rich green textures of a plant’s leaves and put these on display in your bedroom. Act with caution and use these sparingly though; overcrowding your interior space with plants can look too overwhelming. Make sure you...


June 13th 2016


Get the Trend: Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

2016's Pantone Colour of the Year is a blending of 2 shades; Rose Quartz and Serenity , which represent calm and relaxation. The colour selections are said to aid general well-being, as well as provide an antidote to modern day stresses. Would either of these colours suit your bedroom? Let us know in the comments. Feather & Black.


May 23rd 2016


Get the Trend: Weathered Oak

For the most refined of bedroom looks, try exploring the weathered oak trend . With its soft curves and beautifully crafted edges, a weathered oak theme can inspire your next interior makeover. Pair with earthy tones and light-coloured accessories for a co-ordinated look. See you soon, Feather & Black.


May 2nd 2016


Get the Trend: Blue Bedrooms

Did you know that blue bedrooms are on the up for Spring, especially darker indigo tones? However, you'll need to make sure you keep the dark and light balance in check by introducing a neutral coloured bedstead - contrast can be a very effective tool if implemented in the right way. This helps to bring a brighter twist to a modern colonial kind of look. Brighter accents can come in the form of an eye-catching cushion or two; alternatively try a colourful throw (yellow hues matches well with blue), if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pop of colour....


April 11th 2016


Get the Trend: The Gold Rush

The gold grandeur of our upholstered Louis bedstead captures this season’s on-trend, beautifully bold bedroom look with perfection. Try to create rich and warm interiors for the most glamourous of bedroom settings and don’t forget to mix this colour palette with strong metals and neutral tones if you want to make a real impression. Vibrant hues like gold will certainly catch the eye of your guests but if you’re less certain about committing to such rich tones, then perhaps just change bedding, drapes or pillows before making more permanent colour changes. Why not take a closer look at our Gold...


March 7th 2016