How to: Boost your Confidence in the Bedroom

No, we’re not talking about confidence in that department… we mean making confident decisions about the interior style of what should be the most peaceful room in your home. Here are some tips…

  • Declutter

Would you describe your bedroom as a tranquil and calming environment? If your answer is no it may be because you have too much stuff in it. So often we treat our bedrooms as a dumping ground (it’s the room our guests are least likely to enter), and then feel surprised when we’re stressed-out before bedtime. Cutting out clutter – throwing it away, selling it on Ebay, or donating to charity – is the first step to feeling serene. The next is clever storage…

  • Mix it Up

Sometimes following certain decorating ‘rules’ can feel restrictive. A classic bedroom must only feature traditional furniture; a modern bedroom should look clean and minimal. But often the most charming of bedrooms mix and match a range of styles – vintage with contemporary, old with new. In fact, this more relaxed, Parisian approach to décor can help you to create a bedroom that feels warm, personal and distinctly your own.

  • Invest in a Forever Piece

When it comes to our homes, we’re often guilty of the old adage: ‘buy little and often’. But the pieces we really treasure tend to be the slightly more expensive ones that we actually spend time deliberating over. Our upholstered bed service allows you to create something truly individual for your bedroom. And while it might take you a while to decide on the details – from the style, to the fabric, to the finishing touches – you can be certain that the end result will be a ‘forever piece’ you’ll fall in love with.

September 25th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black