How to: Give your bedroom the latest trends

Last week, we visited Decorex International 2016 in London and came away having seen an impressive collection of brands making their mark on this year’s biggest interior design trends.
Decorex International is the UK's leading design show and the only one of its kind in the UK for the luxury interiors market. If there is one room in your home that should truly reflect your taste, personal style and surround you in a world of uncompromising comfort, then it is the bedroom.

  • Painted Florals

Oversized painted florals or abstracts bring colour and a sense of art into the home, which can be captured in a number of ways including bedding, cushions or wallpaper collections. Undoubtedly one of the standout trends from this year’s show.

  • Golden accents

Gold was the colour which stood out most, with plenty of designers choosing to include the opulent shade in their interior colour palettes. Lighting may be the best way to implement this into your bedroom.

  • Blue Walls

Whether that be wallpaper or paint, blue is the undisputed trendsetter’s choice this year. The design world looks to be awash with all shades of blue, especially moody indigos and some are even venturing into avocado or jungle greens.

What do you think of this year’s main trends; would you like any of them in your interior? Let us know on our social networks, and join in the conversation using the #decorex hashtag.

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September 26th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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