How to: Cope with your partner snoring

What might seem amusing at first definitely loses its charm when you’re having poor sleep as a result of snoring. But, short of kicking them out of bed, what’s the best solution and how best can you cope?

  • Drowning out the noise

Earplugs are a classic, but effective option. Custom shaped earplugs can be more comfortable than store bought and many audiologists provide this service. If it's late and you're tight on options, there are also ways that you can make temporary earplugs yourself. Or if music isn’t too distracting, plug in and use gentle, calming music to help drown out the sound.

  • Sleeping tablets or medicines

Talk to your doctor about which over-the-counter and prescription medicines are best for your situation and body. Or there may be some herbal remedies which can help you drift off before your partner does! Alternately, it may help for your partner to take allergy medicine, if nasal congestion is causing the snoring.

  • Changing their body position

If you want to stop them snoring, roll the person onto his or her side. People tend to snore less in this position.

  • Make use of your spare room

Many partners of snorers find they sleep much better in a separate room. While some worry about a loss of intimacy from sleeping separately, many people find that they are able to be more intimate because they are less tired, and less grumpy from being kept up all night.

Does your partner keep you up when they snore? Or do you feel bad when you keep your partner awake because of snoring?

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September 16th 2016

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