Your University checklist

So you’ve had your final college exams, been accepted at your university of choice, sorted out your first year’s stay at halls of residence and you can see Fresher’s Ball on the horizon…but before you get there, you need to pack! Sifting through all of your stuff and deciding what to take with you can be difficult; as is remembering to buy everything you need before you go. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a quick essentials checklist for you to run through!

But don’t worry, wherever you’re going to uni, there will always be a local supermarket nearby so if you do forget anything important, you can always buy extra supplies when you get there.


One of the most important things to take is your own, clean bedding. This includes duvets (bringing two is preferable, with lower and higher togs for changing temperatures, you just don’t know how warm or cold your new room is going to be!) pillowcases and bottom sheets. Duvets especially can take up a lot of room in the car but you’ll definitely appreciate the option of having more than one. But, if you do have room for one only, I’d take the higher tog because you’ll most likely be spending most of your summer at home anyway.

Sounds obvious, yes, but there are a few clothing items which could easily be left behind. Make sure you bring your hat, scarf and gloves and don’t just pack for September when it’s still reasonably warm! November will soon come rattling around and you’ll be thankful that you remembered your thick woolly hat. Also bring smart clothes suitable for job interviews and part-time work. If you’re not taking a car, waterproofs are also an essential item. Relying on the weather can be foolish, and there’s nothing worse than walking to your morning lecture in the torrential rain!

I would say bringing trainers are also useful, even if you think you’re not the sporty type. Sports are a big part of uni life and you may want to get involved in something new. A warm blanket will also come in handy during cold evenings, having the heating on is an expensive luxury that many students try and go without! Having a warm blanket draped over your bed will help keep the cold at bay.

September 17th 2015

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