Back to School

As we wave goodbye to August and the summer holidays, September sees the return of packed lunches, new shoes and busy roads – yes, you’ve guessed it, your little ones are back to school! That’s rolled around quickly hasn’t it? The time of year can be additionally stressful, especially if you have children who are making big transitions, such as starting a new middle school.

So with that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to try and make your weekdays a little easier with a few straightforward back-to-school tips from some of the best online school. First stop, homework…

Is it possible that parents may actually dread homework more than our kids? We are here to help make this year different! Just focus on these five quick tips and you’ll see that you can do it (and so can your child) without having to fall into the homework abyss.

Be positive about homework

Homework is there to help, not hinder! Encourage your child to do their homework, maybe with the help of positive reinforcement; for example, maybe finishing homework early means an extra 15 minutes of TV time? Dangle the carrot and they just might bite.

Have a designated homework time and workspace at home

Having a desk in their room is often a good start, if not, make sure they do their homework in a room without many distractions in there; perhaps a separate study room would work well?

Encourage and motivate, but don’t do the actual work

Hints and tips are fine, doing the entire work for them isn’t helpful and they just won’t learn to stand on their own two feet. Be careful not to be too obliging!

Keep a homework folder or box at home to stay organized

Organisation is key but your little one may not have developed many organisation skills, so this is the part you might have to manage for them. Try to keep sheets filed neatly, you never know when you might need them again.

Know how to contact the teacher for clarification on assignments

Maybe a quick conversation in the playground would be useful if you’re getting mixed messages from your child about what homework needs to be done. Writing a message in your child’s school planner is also a good way of doing this; teachers see these all the time and can respond quickly and easily.

September 3rd 2015

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