Amazing Bedroom Views

What’s your view like outside your bedroom window? Decorating inside your home makes your interior look great, but if you’re lucky enough to have a stunning exterior as well, then you’ve hit the jackpot! The view from your bedroom can be a real dealbreaker if you’re in the middle of searching for your next property, so I’ve taken some inspiration from around the web (Pinterest is a wonderful tool, if you’ve got a few minutes to spare!) and compiled some of the most incredible bedroom views from around the globe.

Waking up to such a gorgeous view must feel amazing; I think my dream setting would be having a very light and airy bedroom with surrounding beachside views. With blue skies and shimmering seas greeting me every morning, life could be worse, couldn’t it!? But the ultimate coastline view isn’t for everybody, perhaps you prefer the polar opposite and would opt for a breath-taking view of a giant icy landscape; maybe found in a remote retreat in the Swiss Alps?

Room with a view

If your heart belongs to city life, you don’t have to sacrifice your bedroom view to belong in the heart of a busy, thriving area. In fact, modern apartments can sometimes offer the best views of a city skyline or a well-positioned lofty patio might give you a different view of a well-known landmark or tourist attraction. Seeing the sun set behind a set of buildings set back far away in the distance looks beautiful on a warm evening – an ideal setting to entertain guests too!

September 30th 2015

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