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The King's Curse book review

To celebrate read a book day we’ve reviewed Philipa Gregory’s latest book: ‘The King’s Curse’. Set in turbulent 1500s England, the story opens with a young Margaret Pole. Once a prominent figure in the old Plantagenet royal family; Margaret’s family worry she will be seen as a threat to the Tudor throne, and is married into obscurity to Sir Richard Pole. This all changes once young Arthur Tudor ascends to the throne with his beautiful new wife Katherine of Aragon. This love story ends sadly, and thus begins the tyrannical reign of younger brother, Henry VII.

The story changes and progresses with tumulus ups and downs as Margaret and her family teeter on the edge of loyalty to the throne and her beloved queen and princess. Margaret has been raised to fear for her life and take sanctuary in an unwavering loyalty to the Tudors. The decisions she makes throughout the book are both frustrating and key to her line’s survival. The King’s Curse – aptly named after the White Queen’s curse to end the Tudor line – plots the course of Henry’s life and his slow descent into absolute tyranny. Margaret must hide her knowledge of her cousin’s curse in order to protect her family. Whilst it’s not clear how accurate the portrayal of historical events are, the story appears to beautifully recreate life at court in the 1500s. It’s easy to get swept away into the romance, tragedy and unthinking violence. You’ll find you not only relate to, but grow close to the characters in the book.

For the avid reader, it’s an easy read. But no less a real page-turner – I’ve found myself looking forward to curling up with the book in the evenings, and will be quite at a loss for something to do when I’ve finished it! But luckily for those just starting out with Philip Gregory, she’s written a series of books so you’ll be able to immerse yourself!

Curl up on this snuggly bed or chair and get reading! Let us know if you have a book to recommend in the comments!

September 5th 2014

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