How to: Create Decorative Headboards

Instead of updating your entire bedroom look, your interior may instead benefit from a new-look headboard. Your bedroom should be your personal retreat, a place not only to relax but to get a good night’s sleep too.

An attractive headboard can certainly help you re-connect with your bedroom. Updating your headboard can be very inexpensive too, especially if you do it yourself.

Sweet Dreams

Make use of some spare lumber and cut it down to the right size of your bedstead. Once you have the frame, try adding some cute photo frames to the wooden panels for a very unique headboard – this sort of idea would probably suit a child’s bedroom better.

Light My Fire

Headboards don’t have to be wooden; if you really loved your old fireplace mantel, don’t throw it out and install it as a headboard instead. Add in an on-trend upholstered insert for a vintage-chic look.

Cottage Style

This headboard is more of what you’d expect to see in a more traditional bedroom. It’s made from standard sized lumber and attached to a large piece of plywood, then painted white. This is the sort of headboard which you might see in your home décor magazines.

If you're attempting a bit of headboard DIY, let us know how you get on on social media.

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October 3rd 2016

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