Get the Trend: Green and Serene

For the ultimate in laid back living, a green bedroom style will promote a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room where you just want to relax. Hide away in winter, while cooling down in summer, green interiors look very well balanced.

In terms of accent colours, think pops of yellow or darker blues and you won’t go far wrong. In terms of brightness, keep this to smaller hits as this will help prevent deep greens feeling too gloomy.

Don’t forget to add some lovely wooden grains into this bedroom style as well. The texture of unfinished wooden furniture stands out beautifully against strong shades of green. Also, try not to rule out pairing different shades of green together. Whether a light or dark tone, mixing these together usually works and can give your room a sense of outdoor forest.

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Feather & Black.

October 31st 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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