Get the Trend: Green and Serene

For the ultimate in laid back living, a green bedroom style will promote a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room where you just want to relax. Hide away in winter, while cooling down in summer, green interiors look very well balanced. In terms of accent colours, think pops of yellow or darker blues and you won’t go far wrong. In terms of brightness, keep this to smaller hits as this will help prevent deep greens feeling too gloomy. Don’t forget to add some lovely wooden grains into this bedroom style as well. The texture of unfinished wooden furniture stands...


October 31st 2016


Our Pick: Natural Merino Wool Throw

With the clocks going back on Sunday, it’s about time you wrapped up warm and you can do just that with our Natural Merino Wool Throw. Featuring a modern twist on a classic diamond pattern, this tassel throw is the perfect partner for our Merino Wool cushions. Traditional charm at its finest. £95


October 28th 2016


How to: Clean your bedding

Every time we sink into bed at night, we lose up to a litre of sweat and shed millions of skin cells, so cleaning your bedding regularly should be top of everyone’s to-do list. Try following these simple tips for the best bedding results: Duvets Aim to wash your duvets every 2-3 months If there is a stain on the duvet, shake the feathers away (if you have Natural bedding) from the area and treat the stain before you pop it in the washing machine. Drying duvets in the sunlight will kill micro-organisms, in the winter try running a warm...


October 24th 2016


Top 3: Drinks to have before bedtime

What’s your bedtime drink of choice? Most of us have a sip of something just before we head to bed to help us get a better night’s sleep. We’ve ranked our top 3 drinks to have before you go to bed below, so read on to find out which bedtime beverage you should be drinking. Milk Milk has sleep-inducing properties (if you’re not lactose intolerant) and drinking milk 90 minutes ahead of bedtime may help you unwind and fall asleep faster. Warm milk seems to make us calm and drowsy, while it also helps raise your internal body temperature, which...


October 21st 2016


Our Pick: Cameron Bedstead

If understated cool is your thing, our Cameron Bedstead is just perfect for your bedroom. With clean, straight lines help suggest modernity, especially when you pair this bedstead with white linens. Order before 23 rd October to guarantee Christmas delivery. From £449.


October 17th 2016


Get the Trend: White Edit

Trends can often define some of the minor details in the room, only adopt what you absolutely love when ushering in significant changes. One of our favourite trends at the moment is White Edit, including and Scandinavian-inspired décor, accessories and furniture pieces. A white bedroom feels very clean cut and pairing this look with light-coloured wooden furniture should bring out the best of your bedroom. Letting in some natural light is also a good idea here – this helps the white walls appear a little softer. White bedrooms give your interior a strong sense of tranquillity, but light greys and...


October 14th 2016


Top 3: Bedroom style tips this Autumn

Take your cue from Autumn’s changing leaves and decorate your bedroom with a new bedroom style. We’ve chosen our 3 favourite styles or ideas from around the web to help you give your interior the new look it deserves. Fill jars with seasonal items For simple and inexpensive display items, fill jars with typically autumnal things, such as leaves or candles. This finishing touch will give your home a lovely, subtle seasonal theme. Display artwork that depicts Autumn’s colours Artwork can change the mood in your home instantly. Consider nature themes with Autumn shades such as oranges, rusts, and golden...


October 10th 2016


Our Pick: Mitch Star Cushions

Brighten up your child’s room with one of our Mitch Star cushions . Available in 4 different colours, this soft and comfortable cushion also has a lovely frayed edge. The perfect finishing touch for your little one’s interior. £20


October 7th 2016


How to: Create Decorative Headboards

Instead of updating your entire bedroom look, your interior may instead benefit from a new-look headboard. Your bedroom should be your personal retreat, a place not only to relax but to get a good night’s sleep too. An attractive headboard can certainly help you re-connect with your bedroom. Updating your headboard can be very inexpensive too, especially if you do it yourself. Sweet Dreams Make use of some spare lumber and cut it down to the right size of your bedstead. Once you have the frame, try adding some cute photo frames to the wooden panels for a very unique...


October 3rd 2016