Hallowe'en 2015

It is almost time for the annual sugar and additives amnesty that marks Halloween. Whilst it has yet to reach the full height that it has in the US, Halloween is very much here to stay. Grabbing a nylon cape and a bag of themed Haribo as you pass through the supermarket checkout is no longer enough to meet your children's aspirations.

You get out of Halloween what you put in. With such a wide range of ideas out there, there is always a way to let you balance marking the occasion against your own standards of taste and decency. As to taste especially, there are now some brilliant and easy recipes that will let both you and your children sleep easier than the usual luminescent goo. They are also increasingly pumpkin free!

The only thing gross about one of our favourite, 'Jello Worms', is how it looks – it’s not quite one of your five a day, but it’s not far off! Draculas Dentures are another proven hit with children and parents alike. For some actively healthy options, Deliciously Ella has some great recipes including Ella's Chocolatey Ghouls, Chocolate Milkshake and Salted Almond Butter Cups. 

If you have some extra time, getting the children to help with the cooking is always fun. Especially so if you get into character too and create a whole 'witches at the cauldron' vibe in the kitchen. 

October 22nd 2015

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