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You might be thinking of updating your bedroom furniture, and investing in a new bed. But with so many choices available, do you head to a bed store or buy online? Browsing online means you can find the best bed sale, in the best bed shop. You often have access to exclusive online discounts and products that you won’t find in store. Buying online has become one of the safest ways to pay. Not only is it safe, but it’s the most convenient way to shop. The internet doesn’t close at 5.30pm, in fact it never closes. But does this emerging online shopping trend mean we’re losing that human touch?

Bedroom furniture online

In the UK, 39% of people say they shop online every week, and interestingly people are using their mobiles and tablets to browse and buy as well. The ability to browse before you buy is a fantastic way of finding the right beds sale, bed or bedroom furniture for you. Browsing online means you can take your time to find the best bed shop. It allows you to research styles, prices and find your dream bed or bedroom furniture. You might think that purchasing a larger item such as a bed or bedroom furniture needs to happen in store. But we’re finding that more and more people are buying online instead. Our metal beds, such as the Oliver bed, are popular choices online, along with our contemporary wooden beds.

We’ve even made it easier than ever to buy upholstered beds online. Our standard upholstered beds come in a range of fabric choices, and the best part is you can order a free fabric sample to touch and feel in your own home. Once you’re happy with your choice, simply select your fabric choice online, and add to your basket. It saves you the hassle of going in store, but still allows you to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

But when it comes to really indulging in a bespoke item, such as a bespoke upholstered bed, nothing beats going into a bed store to touch and feel it yourself. We encourage everyone to chat to our sleep experts to find the perfect fabric for you. With over 2,000 to choose from, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re completely happy with your choice. According to PWC’s latest survey, 73% people would go in store to see, touch and try the merchandise. So we think buying online is great – it’s convenient and reliable, but we know how important it is to absolutely love your purchase. We recommend browsing online to find your dream bed and bedroom furniture, and then visiting a bed shop to really get to know your choice. It’s because of this that we’ve created a helpful store locator page. It allows you to quickly and easily find your nearest bed store. Give your local bed shop a call to make an appointment, or just pop in for a chat. Our sleep experts are always ready to help with any query you have. Often our bed stores will have special lines that have been discounted, and these will show on their store pages on the locator page.

October 6th 2014

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