Children's bedroom ideas

What’s the one space in your home where you can truly be yourself, and utterly relaxed? The bedroom of course: your sanctum, your safe space, your warm haven.

But it’s not just you that needs a place to call your own – your kids need somewhere to relax too. Children’s bedrooms are the one space in the home which is truly theirs – whether it’s diligently attending to homework, listening to music or plugging into the PS3 – it’s their little space. The tricky part of course, is encouraging them to keep their room tidy, which may not be high on their agenda, but certainly will be on yours. They will be much more concerned about how the room looks and how comfortable it is, so can you combine both functionality and style?

Storage, storage, storage

Of course you can. Make sure it’s bold, colourful and makes a statement. This doesn’t mean splash bright orange all over the walls, but perhaps through the clever use of duvet covers or bedding, accessories or rugs. If you’re pushed for space opt for a cabin bed or storage bed – the drawers are large and deep and easy to use, and the cabin bed helps to combine vital storage space and additional sleeping capacities with fun designs. Perfect if your child shares their room with a sibling or is eager to have friends over to stay. If you can tick these boxes it will encourage your kids to use the storage and tidy-up.

For the more discerning child, a large trunk at the end of the bed could be the answer – not only are they a stylish statement, they have lots of space for treasures and memories. The trunks are great to keep, so when the time comes to send them off to university, or to their first place – they’re bound to want their trunk.


Next up on the agenda is accessories. Thin, delicate curtains are ideal for really girly rooms, and you can find plenty of interesting ways to store jewellery and other twinkly trinkets. Hang them from walls using hooks to turn them into a design feature, or get your hands on a unique jewellery tree or box which you can sit on top of their own dressing table.

Turn your child’s football kit into a design feature by hanging it from the wall in a mock dressing room style or introduce gaming accessories like a gaming chair for those with less outdoorsy pursuits…

If your child loves gadgets or horses, why not embrace their interest through a statement wall or accessory? Whether it’s a lampshade printed with cars, a feature wall with a horsey mural (don’t panic, you can buy all sorts of stencils for murals!), or uniquely styled wall clocks – it’s the finishing touches that will make them love their room for years to come.

Flooring and walls

Tip: A child’s bedroom is about more than just the furniture and accessories, you need to consider big design features like the choice of wall covering and flooring. Try and stick with simple ideas that aren’t overpowering and ensure that everything you choose is practical so it won’t come back to bite you!

For the walls, wipe-clean wallpaper is a great idea, but you can get paint designed to replicate this idea too if you don’t fancy struggling to cover the entire room, or yourself, in paper. For the floor why not opt for something more unique?

Sanded wood, vinyl or laminate are all great options and can be varnished, painted or bought in patterned varieties to add an extra focal point to the room. What’s even better is they can be easier to clean that carpets, as spills aren’t absorbed into the fibres, which should make things better all round!

Time capsule

Our younger years are spent making lots of fond memories, and photos are an excellent way to give your kids permanent reminders of all their fun times. This is a great way to personalise a room and how you arrange the photos is up to you.

Attach photos to the wall however you like, perhaps a filmstrip that tracks some of the key moments in their life. If you’re worried about damaging the walls with fastenings then create a framed collage or use plastic photo holders which can be hung from traditional photo hooks.

So whether you pick and mix from these ideas, or just focus on the storage – you’ll be on the road to a more harmonious, tidy bedroom! Voila!

October 15th 2013

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