Hallowe'en Pumpkins

In preparation for Halloween tomorrow, why not create a pumpkin lantern with the kids?

Carving pumpkins is a messy and fun way to spend the afternoon, and is a great decoration for any parties you might be throwing for Halloween over the half term.

I popped together a few simple instructions and pictures of how we made ours:

1) Cut the top off their pumpkins with a sharp knife (you should probably do this bit to avoid any injuries – fake blood is perfect for Halloween real blood is not!)

2) Be prepared for the smell, we didn’t realise it would smell so much and it was definitely a shock! We then got a large bowl and spoon and prepared to scrape out the insides. Keep going until all the seeds and threads of the pumpkin are out. ( This can take a while) During this time our helper Dennis the dog got a taste for pumpkin so we had to try and be very careful not to drop any!

3) Once all the inside is scraped out, try and thin down the pumpkin walls to make it easier for the kids to carve. While you are doing this, why not set them on designing the pumpkin – let their imaginations run wild with spooky designs and then try and incorporate it on to one pumpkin.

4) Let them draw the design on the pumpkin, remember simple straight shapes are easier to carve but you really can be as creative as you like!

5) Finally carefully watch them as they carve their pumpkin… to make sure they stay fresh it is advised to wash them in cold water and go along the cuts with Vaseline. Put a tealight in for a spooky glow.

October 30th 2012

Posted by: Feather & Black

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