Precious minutes on your mattress

As some of you will already know, the clocks are due to go back on Sunday to give us all that glorious reward of an extra hour in bed. But what are we all going to do with those precious few minutes?

Most of us will choose to sleep it away and put it towards catching up on some zz’s but I’m sure there are the few of us all that want to be super-productive and put the extra time to good use. Here are 3 ideas aimed at that dynamic minority.

1.) Super breakfast – Naturally, food is the first thing that springs to my mind. Why not get up at your usual time and spend those extra sixty minutes cooking up something vibrant and new? Rustle up some scrummy pancakes with fresh blueberries, maybe some Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey or even a naughty full English – omnomnom!

2.) Wake ‘n dash – Try waking up early and spending that hour burning off the calories from the party the night before. Exercise will be a sure-fire method to do away with your post-Halloween hangover.

3.) Mad skills – Why not challenge yourself and learn something new? Ok, it might take more than an hour to learn to juggle or walk a tightrope but you could always put your time to good use and learn a smaller skill. Learning a few foreign phrases for next summer’s holiday is a great pro-active idea. In my opinion, the translations for ‘snooze button’ are a great place to start!

October 28th 2011

Posted by: Feather & Black

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