Turning back the clocks

It’s that time of year again when the clocks are turned back and we gain an hours sleep. The nights draw in earlier and earlier and we awake to pitch black. With all that darkness and the weather getting colder it gives us the perfect excuse to spend more time snuggled up in bed. Longer lie ins and early nights for us!

If your going to spend more time in bed you will want to be sure that you are sleeping in something that is not only beautiful but also the ultimate in comfort. It is so important for a good night sleep to ensure that you are getting the correct support from your mattress.

Dependant on your frame, weight, health and personal preference, each person’s perfect amount of support in their mattress will be different. It is highly likely that you will require a different level of support to your partner, requiring different tension levels in your mattress.

All this talk of support and tensions can be confusing. Then you add open coil or pocket sprung into the mix along with various different fillings and most people have switched off! There are so many different types of mattresses on offer, how do you get the right mattress for you?

An open coil mattress comes in one tension, much simpler you may say, I’ll just go for that one. Actually an open coil mattress is normally best suited to children or for the spare bedroom. Our Mercury and Jupiter mattresses give the perfect support required for your little ones.

October 23rd 2009

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