How to: Incorporate bedroom art

A well-placed piece may be the easiest way to turn your room into the stylish sanctuary. However, choosing the right style piece can be hard; to help you inject some culture into your sleep space, we've rounded up our favourite 3 examples of how to best incorporate bedroom art, all of which would look great in a variety of bedrooms.

  • Consistent framing

Keep the focus on one wall by consistently using black framing with white prints, helping you to create a ‘gallery’ wall. Featuring black and white art further supports a bedroom’s monochrome theme too.

  • Bookshelf displays

Art doesn’t always have to sit on your walls, an equally ideal home can be found in your bookshelves. Putting art inside a bookcase can be a little quirky, but combine this with some well-placed ornaments which help contribute to an overall theme, and you won’t just have a piece of bedroom art, but almost a whole mood board.

  • Minimalist symmetry

A single piece of artwork which spans the same width as your headboard creates symmetry and an overall clean-cut bedroom look, especially if the piece is patterned.

Have you got art on display in your bedroom? We’d love to see your pictures on our Twitter page.

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November 4th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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