How to: Experiment with wall finishes

The finish you choose for your next bedroom project can make or break your interior’s overall design, with wall finishes greatly influencing the style of your room.

Which wall finish would suit your room most? Read on and find out:

  • Timber

If you want your bedroom to feel cosy or intimate, a timber wall can help you achieve that. This is because it helps give the illusion that the ceiling is lower, simply done by panelling your timber across horizontally. Timber certainly gives your bedroom a distinctive mood and style.

  • Brick Walls

If you’re feeling brave, peel back your bedroom walls to see how it’s stood the test of time. An ideal trend for apartments which used to be factories or warehouses in former lives, especially if your bed has a long wall behind it. Think orange coloured brick rather than brown, especially if you complement it with white hues or neutral coloured furniture.

  • Concrete

The textural qualities of concrete are increasingly being recognised in today’s ultra-modern bedroom. If you want the space to shine, then limiting your furnishings to the bare minimum and just let the trend do its thing. Again, another industrial-type of interior for those searching for something different.

Whatever the look you want to achieve, experimenting with wall finishes is a tricky job. Before you start stripping things back, have a clear picture in mind of where your bedroom is going. Pinterest really is a fantastic tool for home improvements and we’d first advise flicking through some boards, picking your favourites, and then go from there.

An interior designer can also come in handy for these sorts of bedroom re-design too; advice and experience should help you down the right track.

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November 21st 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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