My Perfect Bedtime: Katie Ellis

Katie is our Linens & Accessories Buyer at Head Office who kindly shared her #myperfectbedtime choices with us. Find out what she had to say below: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Saturday nights are my favourite bedtimes after a day spent with my husband and dogs out in the fresh air! A clean house, clean sheets and a clear mind make for my perfect bedtime – preferably with no plans the next day so I can relax in the knowing I won’t be rudely awaken by an alarm! What’s your perfect bedtime read? I am not much of a reader...


November 28th 2016


Top 3: Feather & Black Friday Offers

Today is Black Friday and that means you can shop in-store and online for some unmissable discounts . The American-born discounted sales day is now becoming a tradition in the UK and we’re no different at Feather & Black. Take a peek at our best discounts below: Highgrove Bedstead A sleek and strong metal bedstead, our favourite metal bed. Was £549 Now £220 Olivia Bedstead Warm white wooden bedstead for a New England feel. Was £599 Now £300 Mala Bedstead An eastern-inspired colonial bedstead with an authentic distressed finish. Was £925 Now £370 These prices are available until Cyber Monday...


November 25th 2016


How to: Experiment with wall finishes

The finish you choose for your next bedroom project can make or break your interior’s overall design, with wall finishes greatly influencing the style of your room. Which wall finish would suit your room most? Read on and find out: Timber If you want your bedroom to feel cosy or intimate, a timber wall can help you achieve that. This is because it helps give the illusion that the ceiling is lower, simply done by panelling your timber across horizontally. Timber certainly gives your bedroom a distinctive mood and style. Brick Walls If you’re feeling brave, peel back your bedroom...


November 21st 2016


How to: Keep warm at night

The chill is about to set in but, fear not, we’ve collected some of the best ideas on how to keep yourself warm at night. Wear night clothes such as pyjamas or a large T-shirt to keep you warm. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials. Have a warm bath just before you go to bed. This will gently warm and relax you to help you feel sleepy. Have a warming, milky drink before you go to bed. Keep the bedroom warm, but not too hot, and free from draughts. Choose a...


November 18th 2016


Get the Trend: Grey Matters

Whether you’d like some grey walls or grey flooring (or both!), grey’s versatility means this colour is here to stay as one of AW’s most popular interior shades. Make sure you don’t just stop of grey though, otherwise your bedroom may look a little too dark and moody. Balance the trend with bright cushions, for example, to really make the look have stand-out effect. Or, for a Scandi feel, choose a grey with cooler blue tones in it, an icy touch that works with whites and pale woods. Plus, layering different grey tones will prevent the look feeling too ‘samey’....


November 14th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

Last week we caught up with Milly, who works in customer services, who talked about her #myperfectbedtime. Here's what she had to say: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Milly: My perfect bedtime is having a hot bath, getting into my pajamas and snuggling up in bed with my fairy lights on and some acoustic music playing to help me drift off to sleep. What’s your perfect bedtime read? I’m a big lover of Irvine Welsh and John Niven as authors, so anything by them. Or, you cannot beat the latest issues of Glamour / Cosmopolitan magazine. What or who...


November 11th 2016


Our Pick: Radley

Understated but stylish, our Radley range is versatile and contemporary for a beautifully simple bedroom look. Customise the collection to your liking by choosing between metal or wooden handles – which are both included with your order – on the bedside table , chest of drawers and wardrobe . Radley is also available as a kids bedroom range; its smart and classic design is an ideal option for a growing child. The Radley Children’s Bedside Table comes with child-friendly drawer stoppers too. See our Radley range in more detail here . Let us know what you think on Twitter ....


November 7th 2016


How to: Incorporate bedroom art

A well-placed piece may be the easiest way to turn your room into the stylish sanctuary. However, choosing the right style piece can be hard; to help you inject some culture into your sleep space, we've rounded up our favourite 3 examples of how to best incorporate bedroom art, all of which would look great in a variety of bedrooms. Consistent framing Keep the focus on one wall by consistently using black framing with white prints, helping you to create a ‘gallery’ wall. Featuring black and white art further supports a bedroom’s monochrome theme too. Bookshelf displays Art doesn’t always...


November 4th 2016