Take care of your mattress

Do you think your bed is clean? I came across an interesting article this week, which talked about the results of a mattress study and how your bedding may contain some health risks that could be making you feel unwell. The study went on to reveal that our beds are filled with a variety of bacteria or moulds that trigger coughs and colds!

This blog will help minimise your bed’s mite threat so make sure you read on if you’re planning to snuggle under your duvet as the winter nights draw closer…

Every 8 years you should be replacing your mattress. The study revealed that a large amount of bacteria build up over time, with mould and other yeasts also appearing after mattresses become warm during the night. These kinds of irritants thrive in humid conditions, so airing your bed before you make it in the mornings is a good idea. Pull back your sheets and open some windows to do this effectively! Turning your mattress regularly will also help to keep your mattress clean.

The report also suggests that if you suffer from acne, replacing your pillows every 3-4 nights is important as oils and sweat can transfer to your skin from dirty pillows. Anyone with sensitive skin should use pillowcases made of natural fibres too, as these tend to 'breathe' better and transfer less dirt and oil than synthetic fabrics.

While snuggling up with your pet feels great after a long day, this can put you at risk of contracting a range of health problems too. The study made reference to a couple who routinely caught viruses because they slept with their dog every night and let them lick their faces (eew!) So although serious illnesses are very uncommon, a nice basket next to the bed is always healthier than letting pets onto or under the duvet!

November 5th 2015

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