Get your guest room ready for Christmas

Guest rooms can often go unnoticed for most of the year, but now is the time of year when your spare bedroom comes into play – Christmas! With family and friends looking for a place to stay over the festive period, your guest room can quickly become the centre of attention. The room which may have become a makeshift store cupboard over the past few months now needs a refresh and that’s where we can help!

Christmas time is a stressful enough time of year without the added pressure of getting your guest room in order, so we have a few suggestions to help you along the way…

The perfect guest room

The perfect guest room has a good amount of living space. Nothing too large scale, because then it wouldn’t feel as homely or cosy, but it must make you feel comfortable. Feeling cooped up or too enclosed isn’t a very nice feeling as a guest, so I would always want enough room to spread my things out – it’s never a good sign if your guests are having to prop suitcases up against walls because there’s not enough space to have the case fully open.

Other vital features of an ideal guest room are cleanliness and comfort. A bad night’s sleep is the worst feeling, especially when your surroundings might not be what you are used to at home. So if your guest room could do with a linen refresh, you’ll want to check our Clearance linens – these are just perfect for guest rooms!

Let’s not forget that the most comfortable of finishing touches is quality linen with a high thread count, so I’d recommend our as a good option because of its 470 thread count. But there are plenty of other fab options in our Clearance linen ranges, so take a peek and find a style that suits your room.


November 19th 2015

Posted by: Feather & Black

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