Black Friday 2015

Are you a bargain hunter? Then Friday 27th November should be an important date on your calendars because today marks Black Friday, the annual shopping bonanza where customers can take advantage of some heavily discounted products for 24 hours only!

Black Friday, although originating in America, is now a huge hit in the UK and has seen shoppers cause websites to crash and supermarket aisles to be awash with knock-down prices and deals.

An estimated £810 million was spent on Black Friday last year; an unbelievable figure given that Black Friday has only exploded over the past five years in the UK. This year promises to be another record breaker though as spending could top the £1bn mark! Waiting for the Boxing Day sales almost feels very old-fashioned!

Our US friends across the pond coined ‘Black Friday’ more than 50 years ago after Philadelphia police officers described the chaotic day after Thanksgiving when the city was overrun with the traffic of consumers flocking to the pre-Christmas sales. Some American retailers didn’t like the name and so tried – but ultimately failed – to re-name the day ‘Big Friday’ but the re-worked name just didn’t catch on.

Another idea suggests that Black Friday stuck because it was the day when many retailers’ finance statements moved from the red and into the black.


November 27th 2015

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