Harrison Spinks Mattresses

Last week we had the exciting opportunity to travel to Leeds for a couple of training days with Harrison Spinks; the brand behind our most exclusive range of luxury mattresses.

Farm life

Taking a look around the farm, it’s clear to see the care in place to ensure that the upmost quality control goes into the making of the mattresses. From lavender fields to hedgerows, the farm is a delight, spread across 300 acres of beautiful Yorkshire dales and abundant with wildlife. The farm boasts environmentally friendly crops to make the Hempure fillings; a key component that makes our mattresses so cosy and soft.

The farm invests in environmentally friendly technically researched crops to make fillings blends, for the most luxurious softness and ultimate quality. By using natural, home grown fillings such as mohair and silk along with the wool from our furry friends, the mattresses are designed to create a heavenly soft layer and keep your temperature better regulated whilst sleeping.

Pocket springs

We also got the opportunity to visit the factory, and saw first-hand the numerous stages that go into putting together a Harrison’s mattress. The factory was abundant with buzzing machines; all working hard to coil and compress the springs ready to be packed into the mattresses. We also tested the springs first hand- for quality control of course!

Our pocket sprung mattresses have individual springs housed in fabric pockets, working independently to support the mattress. Using the revolutionary spring within a spring system, the outer spring supports the lighter areas of the body such as arms and legs, and the inner spring supporting heavier areas such as shoulders and hips. In addition, all luxury pocket sprung mattresses feature the high density spring system which reduce pressure points when sleeping and offer the ultimate night’s sleep.

Mattress fillings

We enjoyed watching the mattresses being hand side-stitched, and even had a go ourselves. This traditional method ensures the mattress has a really secure structure. Next comes the filling; silk, cashmere, lamb’s wool and mohair are just some of the fillings which make the luxury pocket sprung mattresses. We wanted to jump right in whilst watching them being filled, it just goes to show how much sumptuous filling is used to make them super snuggly. After careful hand-tufting and tape edging, the mattresses were ready to be packed up and sent off to the customers. We definitely got stuck in during all stages of the process!

November 13th 2014

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