Black Friday 2014

So next Friday isn’t just your average Friday. Instead, it’s the Friday where people flock to the shops or onto their laptops to try and grab a bargain. Taking a quick scan of the internet, it’s clear to see why Black Friday – which takes place in the UK on Friday 28th November 2014 – is growing in popularity.

Jaw-dropping discounts, price crashes and flash sales have meant that the American craze eventually travelled all the way across the pond. And the event has even travelled all the way to Chichester, as Head Office and Feather & Black stores across the UK gear up for another busy day of trading!

History of Black Friday

But before then, Black Friday was only known to those who lived in the United States. It has always taken place the day after Thanksgiving, where millions of shoppers headed for the sales still full from their traditional Thanksgiving feasts, trying to make a saving on their Christmas shopping lists.

The Black Friday term was first used in the 1960’s and ever since, lots of American workers have taken the day off to buy lots of discounted items because it’s not an official holiday day!

Internet Shopping

Interestingly, Black Friday has boomed since the internet took over the retail market. More and more, consumers are choosing to shop online because they don’t want to wait outside in the early morning chill alongside the rush of other shoppers. Then, after the invention of mobile-friendly and tablet websites, browsing before you buy couldn’t be simpler. This all means Black Friday 2014 promises to be the biggest yet in the UK.

Cyber Monday

Black Friday’s appeal has now grown so much that, in the United States especially, excitement has spilled over into the creation of Cyber Monday, allowing shoppers yet another day bargain hunting

This doesn’t mean you should wait until Cyber Monday to do your shopping because the best giveaways often fly off the shelves on a first-come-first-served basis. So make sure you prioritise your time next Friday!

Make sure you hop on to the Feather & Black website as soon as you can on Friday 28th November to take a look at our Black Friday products. We will be asking for your opinions via our social media platforms during the run up to Black Friday, so keep an eye out to have your say!

November 21st 2014

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