Guest room ideas for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… if that phrase strikes fear into you, worry not – we’re on hand to help. Often the biggest worry is having guests to stay over Christmas; the extra food, sweeping the clutter under a large rug (maybe that’s just me), preparing a room for your guests to sleep in – and that’s where we come in. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your child’s bedroom or the spare room, there’s an easy and quick way of getting it ready.

Turning your child’s room into a guest room

It’s all about space – if your guest has enough space, clear walk-throughs and somewhere to relax away from the rest of the household, you’ll have done an excellent job. So start by de-fluffing the room of your child’s toys, lava lamps, posters and so on. As long as they’re out of sight, it doesn’t matter if they’re hidden in a trunk or under the bed in storage. A good tip for making your small room feel bigger is to add mirrored furniture – this creates an illusion of space. So now you have a blank canvas it’s a good time to give it a quick clean so it’s sparkling top to bottom.

Consider emptying all or some of your child’s clothes so that your guest has somewhere to store theirs. There’s nothing like living out of a suitcase to make you pine for your own place. Buying some new hangers is also a nice touch if yours are a bit mismatched! If there isn’t much space in the wardrobe, consider buying some temporary door hooks for your guest to use for their coat or Christmas day outfit!

Make it personal

If you’re a bit thin on the ground for storage, a trunk or a basket for the end of the bed is an excellent way to store guest towels and snuggly throws, or hide some of your child’s toys or clothes! If you have the space a small bookcase provides guest storage and somewhere to display fresh flowers, a few books and a basket of healthy snacks.

A feature often overlooked in a guest room is the tea making facilities (I’m not a hotel I hear you cry!) but it does provide a bit of flexibility for your guest. If the hubbub of Christmas gets a bit much, or they fancy a quiet lie-in in the morning without disturbing anyone for a cup of tea, the facilities will make their stay so much more comfortable. Add an armchair if you have the room, so that your guest has somewhere to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household.

A bed to remember

This is the most important part – if your guest’s bed is luxurious, fresh and stylish you’ll have to shoo them out of the house with a broom to get them to go home. Ok so that may not be ideal, but it is the one thing they’ll remember the most. Buying new bed linen is always an excellent idea – your guest will feel special and you’ll definitely earn brownie points.

Opt for a high thread count so the linen is exceptionally soft and luxurious, and your fame for being a top hostess will undoubtedly spread. Add some cushions and a large, soft throw for a stylish and sumptuous guest bed. Choose colours that complement the existing wall colours or patterns so the whole look comes together naturally (and effortlessly, of course!).

Finishing touches

These will make the world of difference. Fresh flowers make a room feel loved and cared for, clean and fresh – so these are a must. Add some scented candles and a bedside lamp for an inviting atmosphere, and a statement clock by the bed. For the grand finale, place some photo frames featuring family members and your guest for a wonderfully personal touch.

November 13th 2013

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