Christmas gifts for Children

When I think about my childhood Christmases, I remember the excitement, the cold winter walks, indulgent food and wholesome activities like chestnut roasting, church services and evenings making paper chains. But that didn’t mean the much-coveted Argos catalogue didn’t make an appearance – the precious book was passed from my siblings to me, and back round again for amendments. We’d lovingly circle in thick black biro each item we wanted, from glow worms to Dictaphones (I was a strange child) with our initials scratched deeply into the paper. Then we would promote the Book’s marked pages by artfully leaving the Book in strategic places, or simply waving it in front of our parents. 

If I were to say ‘back in my day’ we weren’t so present-orientated, I’d be lying. Our Father Christmas lists would be as long as the paper supply would allow! But we did save our pocket money up to buy small shower gel bottles or bars of soap from The Body Shop or clubbed together to buy a mug for a family member!

Fast-forward 15 years and the pressure on parents to buy the right gift or the coolest must-have has escalated exponentially. Any attempts to dial down the present buying are met with small cries of ‘but that’s not fair, you’re sooo mean’! So we’re here to tell you we feel your pain.

We’ve put together a quick guide on buying for children this Christmas.

For the cheeky, mischievous child who likes to experiment

Think camping: indoor tents or camping gear like sleeping bags and torches so they can create their own hideaway indoors or in the garden! Nerf guns: they look mean and hardcore, but they’re just full of foam bullets! Trick sets: that feature much-loved items like the whoopee cushion, fake blood and traps! Big train sets: good for all sorts of ages. Scalextric sets, remote control cars (there are some pretty cool ones out there now that do flips and all sorts), football gear, Monopoly Empire, camcorders or devices such as the new RED-I mini camera: From Argos this is actually blue… you can buy all sorts to fit onto helmets that film their bike/skateboarding stunts, Lego, science kits: great for encouraging intelligent play and experimenting. Spy gadgets: there are so many cool things on the market, from mini cameras and recording pens to walkie-talkies and night vision glasses. A new bike or sporty equipment and of course the tried and tested video games or DVDs!

For the reflective, creative child who likes to sit and play.

Bean-bag:a really cool addition to a child’s room, funky chair: for those sleepovers or the perfect reading spot; it’s a real statement piece. A cuddly toy: if you get a super soft one that they love it will be taken with them whilst they grow up. Writing set: great for encouraging children to write down their thoughts or get creative. Tamagotchi, moving/remote control pet such as the Join in and Play Tatty Puppy, art kit, Sylvannians, Play Mobil, clothes, Harry Potter memorabilia, the new Kindle Fire HD tablet, InnoTab: for the younger child, a musical instrument or techy alternative such as a drum machine; iPod, funky camera, sleepover kit, cookery kit, the ToucanBox: which is full of specially designed activities to help children develop core skills and has themed monthly adventures, delivered to your door, for ages 3-8 and more. Last but not least – the Furby is set to be huge this year.


November 29th 2013

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