Kids trend: Dinosaurs

Every Christmas there is always a new fad, trend, gadget or toy that is on every Christmas list. Think back to the ones which were top of your list – I remember being desperate for a Furby only to be tired of looking after it by New Year’s Eve.

Then there are the classic characters and toys which appear on children’s letters to Father Christmas year after year. Of these timeless favourites - the playful dinosaur is one of our favourites…it is also a big trend for kids this season.

Encourage kids’ creativity and imagination with fun dinosaur crafts to make and do. From building and colouring this cardboard Dinosaur model to painting figurines – messy fun is the best kind when you’re little. Encourage them to experiment with colours and then proudly display them in their bedrooms.

These dinosaur companions are perfect for both boys and girls who love dinosaurs. The book ends keep precious story books safe, the hooks are handy for keeping bedrooms tidy, well as tidy as they can be, and the soft toy Doppy dinosaur is adorable. He is super soft for bedtime yet fun enough for playtime and hours and hours of make believe.



November 1st 2012

Posted by: Feather & Black

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