Crispy Chocolate Christmas Cakes

As the festive season gets into full swing tomorrow, I have put together a simple recipe for you to try this weekend to get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun.

It is so wonderfully yummy and simple it's perfect to try with the little ones, so pop on some Christmas songs, a festive apron and start baking...

Ingredients: Lots of chocolate, cornflakes and Christmas cake decorations.

We started by getting all of our ingredients out together - we chose metallic gold cases to add a bit of sparkle to our crispy cakes. We then broke the chocolate into small pieces and popped in a bowl. You can have some fun with the flavour of chocolate - we experimented with popcorn chocolate which made our cakes a little crispier - but next time we hope to try a chocolate orange flavour.

We popped our bowl of chocolate over a saucepan of boiling hot water to melt the chocolate, we were very careful not to burn ourselves or the chocolate. After this we mixed the melted chocolate in with our cornflakes - we would recomend that you add the cornflakes slowly to the chocolate this means that all of the cornflakes get covered in a thick and delicious layer of chocolate.

Lastly pop the mixture into some beautiful cake cases or if you are feeling inventive pop them on some baking paper and carrange them to look like a circle with a hole in the middle - this turns them into Christmas wreaths! As we had to carry ours into the office Ellen and I popped them in cake cases. We then had some fun decorating them with red glitter, silver cake decorations and snowmen on top.

We can't stop singing "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree..."

Have a lovely weekend




With LOTS of help from our marketing assistant Ellen

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November 30th 2012

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