Books in Bed The Snow Child

Set in the harsh landscape of Alaska in 1920, this story grows around Jack and Mabel - a couple stuggling, haunted by the baby they lost years before.Mabel, like snow is melting and crumbling from loneliness and the ache in her heart.

One day a little blonde girl appears mysteriously from the woods, running through the trees a replacement for the snow child they built the night before. The little girl is from the woodland, she runs through the wilderness with a red fox by her side - seemingly alone.

Inspired by a one hundred year old Russian fairytale and woven into the novel, this story is led by the characters and the landscape of their world. It is magical and enchanting like the weather the story 'trailed sparkling and delicate'.

A beautifully written story, perfect as Winter approaches - you will be effortlessly transported to 'the strange world of snow and rock and hushed trees'

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November 20th 2012

Posted by: Feather & Black

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