Pyjamas: A brief history

Ah yes, PJ’s, pyjamas, jammies and jim-jams. We can’t be without them when the weather turns grey and times get tough! Through the years, I’ve sported many a night garment, from power rangers PJ’s to an adult size onesie. Yes I know what you’re all thinking - why does a grown man need a onesie? The simple answer is that rubbing your feet on the carpet and static shocking your housemates is the best pastime when it’s too cold to go outside!

The original pyjamas were loose fitted trousers with a draw string waistband, worn by those in South and West Asia in the 1800’s. The term ‘pyjama’ was derived from the Persian word ‘Payjama’, meaning leg garment.

PJ’s went into fashion in Britain around 1870 when they were brought back by colonial explorers. At this point in time, they were marketed as sleepwear for men and an upper garment was added. (I’m guessing this was down to the British weather!) .

From then on, our favoured jim jams have been continually evolving to the vast array that we have today. From 2 piece formal pyjamas to rocket ship jammies, we’re totally spoilt for choice.

Now it’s that time of year again when we can’t be without them and with Christmas fast approaching, why not treat your young ones to some snazzy nightwear in a variety of different designs? Our range of nightwear will guarantee to put a smile on their faces at Christmas time.

November 2nd 2011

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