Pyjamas: A brief history

Ah yes, PJ’s, pyjamas, jammies and jim-jams. We can’t be without them when the weather turns grey and times get tough! Through the years, I’ve sported many a night garment, from power rangers PJ’s to an adult size onesie. Yes I know what you’re all thinking - why does a grown man need a onesie? The simple answer is that rubbing your feet on the carpet and static shocking your housemates is the best pastime when it’s too cold to go outside! The original pyjamas were loose fitted trousers with a draw string waistband, worn by those in South and...


November 2nd 2011


Our linen journey

All of our luxurious bed linens are entirely exclusive to Feather & Black and we spend a long time making sure that we give you something beautiful, versatile, ethically sourced and always the best quality. The process we go through to create them is often unknown to most so here’s some information to shed light on what goes on behind the scenes: Feather and Black’s bed linen is put together as a collection, with cushions and throws to complement. We start with the basis of colour for every season. The colour is incredibly important and we take seasonal trends and...


November 1st 2011