Have a cosy Christmas

Invest in a few bedroom pieces to create a cosy and inviting habitat where you can relax on those cold winter nights

Go soft. Feelings of ‘cosiness’ often involve soft materials. Invest in all things soft. This could include a luxurious upholstered bedstead; our new Genevieve is upholstered in sumptuous moleskin, which is perfect for an early night leaning against with a good book. Historically wingback chairs were designed to prevent drafts in old houses from reaching the upper body, our new wingback style bed is the perfect place to hibernate on those cold winter nights!

Bedding. Invest in a larger, warmer duvet. The ultimate in luxury, is our Hungarian goose down duvet, this indulgent natural duvet offers superior comfort. Make use of variety of textures. Soft and fluffy pillows, cushions and throw blankets make the room look cosier, as you can snuggle in them and feel at bliss.

Use deep colours. Go for deep, warm colours, like red, maroon or even gold! Our Madeline bed linen is opulent and inviting after a long day and the traditional print is gorgeously festive!

Use soft lighting. A cosy and welcoming bedroom should be free from harsh lights. Invest in good bedside lamps or wall-mounted lamps. These will help set the mood that your room is supposed to be a cosy place. If you find it hard to get out of bed, invest in a Lumie body clock, which wakes you up gently by simulating sunrise over a half our period.

Keep it as a place for rest. Most importantly your bedroom should be a place for refuge and for de-stressing. Creating a warm and welcoming environment in your bedroom does not only make it attractive to any visitors who would be coming over, it will be able to provide a restful and relaxed environment for you.

November 22nd 2010

Posted by: Feather & Black

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