The bed with a starring role

Recently we loaned our Salisbury and Bali furniture ranges to Sigma Film Company for the new Ewan McGregor and Eva Green film being filmed in Glasgow, ‘The Last Word’, due to be released in cinemas in 2010.

The Bali furniture was loaned out from our Glasgow store, whilst their store manager was on her holidays. When the manager came back, the furniture had already been returned, so she was unaware of the loan.

A young couple came in and were interested in our Toulon and Bali ranges. After talking to the couple the manager left them alone to carry on browsing and make a decision. When the couple came to make their order, the manager could see that there was something amusing them; the man couldn’t stifle his laughter. He said ‘I need to tell you this, do you know there is a big box of condoms in the Bali bedside table?!’

The manager couldn’t believe her ears and had to check. There was the offending box of condoms with one missing! The customer’s still amused joked ‘Are you selling the whole lifestyle?’

In disbelief the store manager took the condoms and questioned her staff member on how they had got there. He had no clue and was really struggling to find an explanation…….then the penny dropped, they must have been left in there from the film set.

The store manager then explained to the couple about the loan for the film. The customers loved the story so much that they bought the entire Bali range!

The story even got a mention in the Evening Standard. 23.11.09.

November 24th 2009

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