Get the Trend: Vintage

In short, the best vintage bedrooms should appear as though they have been assembled over time and should be formed by a number of old world accessories.

If you’re starting to plan a vintage-themed bedroom, we’d recommended that you first pick a specific time period, or work from something which you already have and love. For example, an old fashioned throw or a bedside table with stunning gothic motifs may be your first port of call in terms of inspiration. Vintage allows you to break the rules a little too, because you can mix conflicting patterns with varying scales into the overall look of your bedroom.

Faded rugs work well for this trend, (sometimes the thing that ties an entire room together is just under your feet), as well as ceiling medallions and large old-fashioned paintings on the wall. Simply updating tired wooden furniture can also work very well in a vintage bedroom. Everything has value, so refrain from throwing away anything which you consider unnecessary. Instead, think of how it can instil beauty or decoration – for example, this could be as simple as replacing old drawer handles with dated crystal handles.

Another useful idea is to ask family members for anything they deem unwanted in their home – here’s where you could find a beautiful token accessory from a bygone era. 

Would you prefer to live in a different decade? Let us know in the comments – we’d also love to know what you think of our vintage bedroom tips.

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May 2nd 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black

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