How to: Sleep better during Hay fever season

Did you know that two-thirds of Hay fever sufferers continue to experience symptoms while trying to sleep? Research reveals some are losing more than an hour of sleep a night as they struggle with streaming noses and itchy eyes during warm summer evenings.

Minimising your Hay fever reactions can be difficult, but keeping your windows shut is vital if you want to limit the amount of pollen in your bedroom. Another tip is to avoid drying your bed linen on an outdoor clothes line – bed sheets pick up a lot of pollen if dried outside, so try to keep them indoors on a radiator or clothes horse if you can.

Showering before going to bed can also prove useful because it helps to wash away the pollen that has accumulated in your hair and on your skin during the day.

Your pets can also carry pollen on their fur after they’ve been outside, so washing them regularly will help avoid the build-up. Even putting on a dab of Vaseline just under your nose can be effective because it can catch pollen before it hits the lining of your nose and triggers a sneeze or two.

Updating your mattress and pillow will also help you sleep better during Hay fever season, especially if it’s triggered by dust mites. A dust mite resistant cover would be handy too; providing protection from allergy-related symptoms. 

Let us know in the comments if you suffer from Hay fever and what you do to manage it during Summer.

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May 20th 2016

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