What's your upholstered style?

Whatever your inspiration, we always have our own individual preferences when it comes to bedroom style. There are so many looks to choose from, favourite styles can be hard to narrow down and, as we now offer over 300 different styles for your home in our Build an Upholstered Bed online feature, the choice definitely just got tougher!

If you weren’t already aware, we have 10 new house fabrics and a selection of 12 headboards and 3 base options for you to style your dream bed. So all you need to do now is discover your upholstered style to match your bedroom desires. We’re sure you’ll love experimenting with our Build an Upholstered Bed feature, which lets you mix and match at your own pace. It’s a real designer’s delight!

Upholstery choices

The main part of deciding your upholstered style will be opting for the colour of your bedstead, so what could be more helpful than a quick run through of our new house fabrics? If you like bold colours which stand out, choose Aubergine or Citrine to give your bedroom a refreshed feel. If you prefer a rustic appeal, perhaps Lion or Russet could be more your thing?

However, understated charm can be a popular choice, so we think our Graphite or Gunmetal may work best here. Don’t forget to pair these darker fabrics with white linens for the ultimate look. On the other end of the superiority scale is light and airy, and our Oatmeal fabric helps fit this description best with its neutral feel.

Other calming and unobtrusive options include Natural, Pebble and Grey whose mellow appearance would suit any interior. Don’t be disheartened if your perfect match doesn’t jump out, because we also have over 1,000 designer fabrics you can choose from in store.

Making your perfect bed

Whether your upholstered style is classic glamour, simply stylish or bold and beautiful, our Build an Upholstered Bed feature offers variety like nobody else. Visit our website and try it out today and let us know #YourUpholsteredStyle on our social networks, we’d love to know your favourite look!


May 29th 2015

Posted by: Feather & Black

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