How good is Britain in bed?

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as you’d think. We rush about during the day, rush about in the evening, and so by the time it comes to bed all we want to do is relax. It’s often the way in which we choose to relax before bed that plays an important factor in our ability to sleep. With our fast-paced lives whooshing around us, ensuring your bed and mattress are up to scratch and remembering to stick to Horlicks after 5pm are easy things to overlook. Don’t forget, it’s all about the quality of sleep you’re getting. So if you’re reading this post, thinking you don’t have any sleeping problems, chances are that if you’re guilty of some of our sleep sins you’re unlikely to be getting that deep and luxuriously resting sleep our bodies need.

Sleep sins

1. I take my phone to bed with me, and I might check Facebook or Twitter before I go to bed
2. I use a tablet in bed
3. I catch a bit of missed TV in bed
4. By the time I’m home, I’m craving a cup of tea, even if it’s after 5pm
5. Whenever I stay in a different bed, I can’t help but think it’s more comfortable than my own!
6. I can’t be denied a glass of wine after work

Despite the obvious consequences of not getting enough sleep, it’s still a topic that’s not fully appreciated. It’s for this reason that we conduct our annual sleep survey. Earlier this year, we asked you 15 questions, designed to get to the bottom of your habits! From your TV addiction to your caffeine cravings, we pieced it together and created (we think you’ll agree) a rather charming little infographic that highlights, by location, what sleeping issues you have.

Did you know that only 10% of us think we’re good sleepers? Thought Facebook and Twitter was for kids? Think again! Londoners are guilty of cradling their social apps in bed, which is making it hard for them to get proper, deep sleep. Find your location on the infographic map, and see what you’re guilty of…

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May 29th 2014

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