Baroque/Rococo Interior Inspiration

This week at Feather & Black we launched our beautiful new Lille Collection. With its statement double wardrobe and gorgeous lattice effect bedstead this collection is perfect for those looking to create a wonderfully unique interior style. A fusion of the baroque and rococo eras, we’ve put together a small guide on the key furniture characteristics of these periods that have been fused together to create this gorgeous collection.


With origins in 17th Century Italy and widely popular throughout Europe under the reign of Louis XIV, the Baroque style is all about portraying power and grandeur. A palette of rich, brooding colours extenuated by flashes of red and deep violet, the baroque aesthetic is far more formal than the later rococo style.

Expressing drama and exuberance the baroque flair encompassed everything from architecture to sculptures and paintings. The Palace of Versailles and Louvre are perfect examples of this dramatic style, where impressive pillars and columns adorned with gilded curves meet intricately painted ceilings.


Flourishing in Western Europe under the reign of King Louis XV, the rococo style is an expression of frivolity and informality. Where the baroque era had been characterised as generally sombre and formal the rococo aesthetic challenged this with its asymmetrical designs, curved lines and lighter pastel hues. Not for the modest, furniture in this era was extravagant and extreme in design; the epitome of wealth and luxury for French aristocracy. No element was left overlooked with intricate carved motifs and whimsical gilded swirls and scrolls adorning chairs, chaise longues and even mirrors.

Unlike the baroque aesthetic the rococo style was never widely seen in architecture with its true expression in interiors namely furniture and lighting. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit The Norfolk House Music Room in the Victoria and Albert Museum, you'll have seen the gorgeous expression of the rococo style. While some may say that this era is gaudy and frivolous there’s no doubt that the rococo period produced some truly breath-taking interiors and wonderfully extravagant pieces.

May 28th 2014

Posted by: Feather & Black

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