Top 3: Tips to prepare for a good night sleep

To celebrate World Sleep Day, we’re dishing out our top three tips on how to wind down and prepare for a long and restful slumber.

1. Set the scene

It’s no surprise that most of us can sleep more easily in a tidy bedroom. Make an effort to put away clothes or clutter before going to bed and reward yourself by lighting a scented candle. Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into crisp, clean sheets after a long, tiring day (we feel sleepy just thinking about it), so make sure you change your bed linen regularly.

2. Read a book

Ever noticed how it’s often the moments you shouldn’t be falling asleep when you feel most sleepy? Whether it’s in a dark theatre, on a gentle train ride, or during a long afternoon at the office, it’s hard to resist the temptation to doze when you’re trying not to. Recreate the feeling at home by putting your phone away an hour before bedtime and reading a book instead. We guarantee that after turning a few pages of a physical book you’ll be struggling to stay awake.  

 3. Choose the right mattress

If you want to really prepare for a good night sleep, don’t underestimate the importance of what it is you’re sleeping on. A mattress might not help you fall asleep, but a good one will prevent you waking up restless during the night, while also improving your general wellbeing. If you don’t know what kind of mattress you require, make an appointment with one of our sleep experts in store who can help you guide you through the various options for spring count, fillings and tensions.

Happy World Sleep Day!

March 16th 2018

Posted by: Feather & Black