HOW TO: Treat yourself this Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday March 11th. And while you might be pushing it fine to buy a gift for your mum (quick, find your nearest store!), it’s not too late to plan how you can treat yourself.

Here are our top tips for a day of self-care and indulgence that everyone deserves every now and then.

  • Go on, have a lie-in…

Sundays are made for lie-ins. Make sure yours isn’t interrupted by switching your phone to silent or turning it off completely. If your bedroom isn’t naturally dark, try sleeping in an eye mask, or placing one on your bedside table to reach for as the sun rises. It can still be chilly in the morning at this time of year, so layer your bed with extra blankets or throws to avoid getting cold. Our Alpaca Chunky Knit throws are available in three subtle shades and are lightweight for spring, yet still warm and cosy.

  • Do breakfast in bed properly

While we all love a croissant, French pastry isn’t the most practical food to eat in bed… To avoid crumbs in the sheets, why not make Bircher Museli instead? Simply combine 200g porridge oats with ½ tsp ground cinnamon in a bowl, then stir in 500ml apple juice and 4 grated apples. Finally add fresh fruit of your choice (we love blueberries) and store in the fridge overnight. Serve with fresh coffee and a glass of orange juice for a healthy breakfast you won’t regret eating under the covers!

  • Run a bath

To unwind and help your body prepare for a good night sleep, nothing beats a long, warm bath. Not only do baths relax muscles, ease headaches and help reduce cramps, they’re also perfect for a bit of ‘me-time’. Fill with your favourite salts or aromatherapy oil and create a soothing ambience by switching off the main light and placing strategic candles around the bathroom instead. We recommend lighting one scented candle (you should never burn two different scents) and choosing one that’s designed to relax you. Why not try our RETREAT range, which has an intense scent with a dark amber base, or our RELAX range, which has a more feminine, floral aroma. Above all, take it easy – you deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day

March 9th 2018

Posted by: Feather & Black