Top 3: Ways to know if you need a new mattress

March is National Bed Month and so what better time to talk about the health and general well-being of your mattress. If we really do spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, then we think it’s very important that your mattress provides the comfort and support which you need.

Here are the top 3 signs which mean your mattress needs replacing:

  1. If you notice your mattress is becoming lumpy or squeaks when you sit on it, it’s definitely time for a new one.
  1. You’re supposed to feel refreshed when you get up in the mornings, but if you’re feeling tired or achy instead, your mattress is no longer able to give you the support you need.
  1. Getting a better night’s sleep in a bed other than your own is another sure sign that your own mattress isn’t up to scratch.

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March 28th 2016

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